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Money may seem to be what makes the world go round. It is not just the money itself, but rather, what we can do with it. Recession has hit the country in the past few years and most of the people are

Money may seem to be what makes the world go round. It is not just the money itself, but rather, what we can do with it. Recession has hit the country in the past few years and most of the people are working longer shifts to make ends meet. This seems all so unbelievable when we see celebrities spending their money like there’s no tomorrow. The financial crisis probably hit all of the states and cities except for Hollywood. Here are some of the A-list top spenders that would make you want to trade places with, even for just a day.

10  Drake

Drake is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and actor that popularized the song “Best I Ever Had”. The 26-year old went to a North Carolina strip club and opened a cardboard box that was filled with $1 bills worth a total of $50,000. This happened at the Cameo Nightclub where another rapper, Bleu Davinci, added another $25,000 in cash totaling $75,000 for the lucky dancers on the floor. There was a lot of money on the floor that it was literally carpeted with $1 bills. The weather forecast must have missed the signs that it would be raining bills up in North Carolina.

9 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the most famous entertainers of this time. She rose to prominence with her single, "Poker Face". As extravagant as her concert performances are, Lady Gaga is one of Hollywood’s biggest spenders. Due to a tear in her right hip, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel her U.S. tour in order to recover. During her recovery, she treated herself to a tank filled with koi carps directly imported from Japan. No, it was not imported from a supplier; she requested for it to be shipped directly to her. She asked her team to set-up a massive tank and the whole thing cost her $60,000.

8  P. Diddy

Rapper Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs or more popularly known as P. Diddy has been one of the most successful rap artists in the world. He has several businesses under his name such as his own record label, clothing line, a movie production company and two restaurants. For his son’s 16th birthday, P-Diddy gave him a $360,000 Maybach. The birthday celebration was also featured on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen special. Justin Combs is currently on a UCLA football scholarship, which makes P. Diddy one proud dad.

7 Elton John

At only a few months old, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, son of Elton John and David Furnish, is living in a flat that is worth $2 million. As son of the renowned singer and songwriter Elton John, Zachary John may not know it as of the moment, but he’s pampered beyond belief with luxurious amenities and VIP treatment. The little John has two nannies to ensure that he is well taken care of when daddy is away. Even before reaching a year old, they have spent millions on the baby, mostly on material things.

6 Mike Tyson and Robyn Givens

Former boxing legend Mike Tyson may have shown a fierce facade to his formidable opponent, but he definitely had one of the most generous hearts. Tyson was married to Robyn Givens in 1988 for only three months. During that span of time, Tyson gave Givens a $2 million bathtub to show everyone how much he loved his wife.

5 Beyoncé and Jay-Z

This power couple can spend all they want with the amount that they are earning. Former Destiny's Child lead vocalist, Beyoncé Knowles, has been topping the charts with all her hits and her husband Jay-Z is a rapper and businessman who also has a lot of cash to spare. So it is not a surprise that during her husband's 41st birthday, Beyoncé bought him a Bugatti Grand Sport that cost $2 million. It was the world's most expensive car back in 2010. This top down convertible is the fastest street-legal car running up to 255 miles per hour.

4 Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell who was famously known for being one of the ruthless judges on American Idol. He owns an entertainment company called Syco. His ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on the other hand, is an actress and TV presenter. The couple had an amicable split in 2008. What is surprising about the split was that Simon Cowell gave Terri Seymour $5 million in cash and another $4.5 million to buy herself a house in Beverly Hills. It was Seymour who initiated the split since she really wanted to have a family and Cowell wasn’t too keen with it.

3 David Beckham

It is every woman’s dream to marry David Beckham, and Victoria Beckham must be walking on clouds to have been showered by his love and attention. The LA Galaxy star bought his wife a seven figure vineyard in Napa Valley, California for her birthday. The couple was known as wine aficionados. He revealed his birthday surprise by giving her a bottle of wine with her name on the label while they were on a day trip to the winery. They were accompanied by their celebrity friends, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Seal, and other celebrity friends.

2 Tom Cruise

Blockbuster king Tom Cruise is one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood. This 50-year old hunk still gets girls half of his age swooning with those deep set eyes. When he married Katie Holmes though, everyone thought it would last. He gave his then wife a $20 million customized gulfstream jet. He wanted Katie Holmes to have the same appreciation he has for flying and wanted something better than just having an expensive wedding ring. Maybe if he gave her diamonds, who knows, maybe they would have lasted forever.



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