Top 10 Eligible Celebrity Bachelors To Look Out For In 2015

2014 is over and we have witnessed our share of drama, laughter, love, joy, tears and heartbreak on our screens. Our favorite celebrities continue to provide a world of entertainment for us by creating compelling stories we can enjoy while unwinding on our couch with some popcorn. Some of the weirdest and most dramatic occurrences that have happened to celebrities have made headlines, keeping us as entertained with their lives as we are with their films. Some have passed on in the last year, breaking hearts of many fans. Others have hooked up, tied the knot, broken up, and generally created a buzz of entertainment for us.

However, the biggest and most heartbreaking gossip in 2014 (for many women) was when George Clooney got married and left many hoping fans heartbroken. It was such a frenzy that every paparazzi in town tried to crash the private wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. Nobody would have thought that the most eligible bachelor for decades would end up tying the knot to a human rights lawyer out of the blue.

Even worse, nobody expected the wedding to be hush hush without any photography being allowed since Clooney is basically Hollywood royalty. However, whether we want to admit it or not, the long reign of 52-year-old Clooney is over now and new princes are coming up to fill in his glorious place for the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. Here are some possible prospects that are single or at least single-ish, charming and plausible replacements for Clooney.

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10 Prince Harry

Prince Harry may not be an actor in Hollywood, but he is royalty, hence making him the ultimate eligible bachelor being watched by the whole world. The 30-year-old prince, grandson to Queen Elizabeth II, is fourth in the line of succession to the British Throne. Prince Harry is a commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Royal Military, making him a shining star among other bachelors in the world.

He has been known for his wild endeavors, including wearing Nazi attire, clashing with the paparazzi, partying like crazy and smoking weed. He was even photographed naked with an unidentified woman in Las Vegas. From what we can tell, Harry is far from tying the knot soon, even with so much pressure from his brother Prince William. We are keeping our eyes open though.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been on the Hollywood scene since 1989, but he got his big break by being the epic romantic star in the movie Titanic. The ironic thing is that for a man who made such a buzz by being in many romantic movies afterwards, he is still single at 40. Leo is massively accomplished with billions of fans across the world. The actor and film producer has been nominated for many awards including ten Golden Globes, of which he won two. He is also a regular nominee for the Academy Awards.

On top of that, Leo is also an activist for peace, making him popular both on-screen and off-screen. Many would say that he is the closest heir to Clooney since we're getting used to the idea of him being a long-standing bachelor despite him being named the sexiest man alive on numerous accounts.

8 Gerard Butler

The Scottish actor, singer, and producer Gerard James Butler is one of the most sought after bachelors in Hollywood today. It is hard to believe that the devilishly handsome actor was once a lawyer-in-training at a law firm in Edinburgh. He was actually fired a week before he graduated from law school due to his extreme partying which made him miss work frequently.

However, that may have been the best thing that has ever happened to him since he switched gears and tried acting. Gerard's journey to fame was not smooth, and he has had to work tooth and nail to get where he is now. This makes him one of the most real and relatable men in Hollywood. His good looks, humor, charm, and sexy accent make him one of the most eligible bachelors of 2015.

7 Dwayne Johnson 

6 Jamie Foxx

Eric Bishop, who is otherwise known by the stage name Jamie Foxx, is a darling to many. The 47-year-old stand-up comedian, actor, singer and songwriter is unbelievably one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. His career seems to be on fire as he recently won two Grammy awards as well as an Oscar. The handsome funny-man has so much life and charisma within him that it's hard to believe nobody has managed to tie him down yet.

However, Jamie Foxx has three children and there were rumors of him having romantic relations with famous actress Katie Holmes. We will watch this possible romance closely in 2015 and see whether these rumors bear any fruit. In the meantime, he remains available for any woman lucky enough to capture his attention.

5 Liam Hemsworth

Even though the extremely dashing actor Liam Hemsworth almost broke our hearts with his odd engagement to Miley Cyrus, we're proud to say that he is still on the open market. The boyishly handsome brother of Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth has been the last hope of many fans since Chris tied the knot with his wife Elsa Pataky back in 2010. Even though he is not as seasoned as most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, he put a mark on his back when he broke his engagement to his on-again off-again girlfriend Miley and now everybody is on the lookout for is next move. Liam was however reported saying that he is happier than before now that he is not dating anyone.

4 Henry Cavill

Nobody fits in this A-list of eligible bachelors better than Superman himself. The handsome British actor has everything that the ladies are chasing after, yet he is somehow still single. Henry nearly broke the internet with his devilishly good looks and charm when he was cast as the Man of Steel in the latest Superman reboot. Cavill almost found his way off the list in 2011 when he got engaged to Ellen Whitaker, but the engagement lasted only a year before they broke up. It's too bad for Ellen since Cavil proceeded to win the most votes for the sexiest man alive in 2013. We look forward to seeing more of him in 2015 when he stars in the highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

3 Ian Somerhalder

Speaking of Hollywood stars that have millions of doting ladies wishing to win them over, Ian Joseph Somerhalder takes the prize. The American model and actor has the looks to send women into a frenzy. His bad boy act in the CW TV drama series The Vampire Diaries made him one of the most popular TV personalities of all time. Trending responses from fans even skyrocketed the series to become one of the highest rated TV series on the channel.

Things got even more intense when he started dating his costar Nina Dobrev, a move which drove many fans nuts. Sadly, the relationship ended in 2013 and rumors are that he is dating Nikki Reed from the Twilight saga. Maybe he has a thing for vampires, but until this relationship is confirmed he remains one of the most eligible bachelors on the map.

2 Michael Fassbender

For some unexplained reason, ladies love to chase a bad boy whenever he is available. This is the case for English actor Michael Fassbender. Michael certainly looks the part and he is majorly accomplished with huge roles and many awards in Hollywood. However, the man cannot stay out of trouble, and we mainly know him for his menacing ways. His ex-girlfriend even filed a restraining order against him for violence, which entailed him dragging her alongside him in his car. However, this crazy bachelor still manages to attract his fair share of bad boy followers and will be closely followed in 2015.

1 Robert Pattinson

The once popular boy wonder star of the popular Twilight saga has remained one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. The 28-year-old stud has been on the radar of the ladies since he convinced the world that vampires are not dangerous and dead on the inside, but romantic and sexy. He has had a large following since being cast as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, but things got out of hand when co-star Kristen Stewart publicly dumped him and broke the hearts of many people across the world. However, all eyes are now on Rob who is now making the most of his bachelorhood and enjoying a lower profile post-Twilight.

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