The Rock Robbed of $8 Million

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and ex-wife Dany Garcia were together 11 years before they divorced in 2007. Together they have a 12-year-old daughter named Simone Alexandria Johnson.

The ex-couple established a bond as best friends since they were classmates at the University of Miami, even after their divorce. She still acts as his manager, manages his finances, and remains as his business partner.

Last year, The Rock and Dany lost $8 million which was stolen by an accountant friend. They also received lawsuits from six investors.

According to reports, an accountant named Emery enticed the clients to invest millions into Garcia’s company JDM Partners and Dwayne’s White Buffalo Entertainment. The investors filed three separate lawsuits asking for the return of a total of $5 million and another $3 million. Both companies also settled their $2 million lawsuit filed by siblings James Gaunt and Elizabeth Bryan.

The Rock and Dany are both millionaires and successful in their own careers. The Rock who is worth $70 million is enjoying his popularity as an action star while Dany earns millions as a director of the board of several companies. She also earns an additional $700,000 as a financial adviser.

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The Rock Robbed of $8 Million