The Richest NBA Sidechicks

NBA players have the entire world at their disposal, including their choice of women who dream of catching the attention of a top athlete to help them upgrade their lifestyle. These women have looks that get them in the door and the dogged determination to go after what they want by any means necessary.

Often this means pursuing a man they know is involved in a committed relationship, or even married. NBA players spend long hours in training and months away from their families while traveling to compete. The common assumption is that most, if not all, have multiple sexual companions - despite their relationship status.

Some women have collected sizeable assets and built their careers around the generosity, or weaknesses, of their NBA 'love' interests. This list includes some of the most enterprising NBA sidechicks.

6 Draya Michele - $400K

‘Basketball Wives: L.A.’ star Draya Michele knows her way around a basketball court. The former stripper and men’s magazine model has been romantically linked to NBA players Gilbert ArenasJavaris Crittenton, DeShawn Stevenson and Kenyan Martin. Michelle’s short-lived relationship with Crittenton allegedly won her a spot on the VH1 reality series. She also has a child with Gilbert Arenas.

Arenas, Crittenton and Stevenson were allegedly involved in committed relationships while seeing Michele. She admits to dating “a few” NBA players and was publicly slammed for her promiscuous reputation by talk show host Wendy Williams. Michele denied claims that she slept with Arenas and several other players during her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. Michelle is rumored to make $170,000 per season on ‘Basketball Wives’ and earns $40K a month in child support. She is now dating NFL player Orlando Scandrick.

5 Evelyn Lozada - $1.5 Million

Before she was made news as the head butting victim of ex-husband and former NFL player Chad Ochocinco Johnson, or bore a son to Dodgers player Carl Crawford, Evelyn Lozada was romantically linked to several NBA players. Though the ‘Basketball Wives: Miami’ star landed a spot on the reality show that made her famous because of her 10-year relationship with former NBA star Antoine Walker, she also hooked up with Kenny Anderson. Lozada and cast mate Tami Roman famously feuded on 'Basketball Wives' after Lozada admitted to sleeping with Anderson while he was married to Roman.

A former NBA groupie, Lozada was even rumored to have hooked up with ex-BFF Jennifer Williams' husband, former NBA player Eric Williams. Williams and Lozada began the reality series as besties, but soon battled on the show before severing ties completely. Walker reportedly blew through $110 million while engaged to Lozada, then filed for bankruptcy in 2007. Lozada was named in a 2011 lawsuit alleging Walker funneled money to her to avoid paying creditors before filing bankruptcy.

4 Gloria Govan – $1.5 Million

No stranger to controversy and previously labeled promiscuous by her own husband, Gloria Govan has also been linked to several NBA players. The ‘BasketBall Wives: Miami’ turned ‘Basketball Wives: L.A.' star was romantically liked to Quentin Richardson and Baron Davis before entering into an on-again-off again relationship with L.A. Clippers player Matt Barnes.

Barnes is infamous for his Twitter beefs, which include airing the couples dirty laundry. During a break in their relationship, Barnes accused Govan of sleeping with an unidentified friend. Despite their tumultuous relationship, which included a past broken engagement, the pair married in 2012. They have twin sons together.

3 V. Stiviano - $2.5 Million

The recent scandal surrounding L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling began with a secret recording made by his alleged mistress, V. Stiviano. Though reports of an ongoing affair have been corroborated by his wife, Stiviano denies that she is Sterling's sexual companion. According to The Huffington Post, the 31-year old is being sued by Sterling's wife for accepting $2.5 million in gifts from Sterling without his wife's authorization.

Stiviano resides in a duplex purchased for $1.8 million that was allegedly paid for by Sterling. She was also given a $500K Ferrari, 2 Bentlys, a Range Rover and $250K in cash, reports NY Magazine. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, recordings of Sterling making racist remarks in reference to Blacks were leaked that may have cost him ownership of the NBA team. After being fined and pressured to sell the Clippers, Sterling is fighting back with a lawsuit against the NBA.

Stiviano met Sterling at the 2010 Superbowl and claims to be his personal assistant and confidant. The NBA billionaire alleges Stiviano pursued him days after meeting him in Miami at the 2010 Superbowl and offered him sex. He also claims that they continued an ongoing sexual relationship and he wanted to buy her lavish things and help her family because she came from poverty. Stiviano has recently been linked to former video vixen Karrine 'Superhead Steffans' and famed former pimp Don Magic Juan, adding fire to rumors she was once a prostitute.

2 Laura Govan - $10 Million

Basketball Wives: L.A. star Gloria Govan was enlisted on the reality series due to her on-again-off-again engagement to NBA player Gilbert Arenas. Before the L.A. spin-off Govan was publicly accused of having an affair with former NBA star Shaq, the husband of ‘Basketball Wives: Miami’ creator and star Shaunie O’Neil. Govan was engaged to Gilbert Arenas during the alleged affair.

Govan’s sister, Gloria, befriended O’Neil while their husbands played for the Phoenix Suns. Shaunie later claimed that Govan used their family's friendship to get close to her husband. Govan started filming the VH1 series during her estrangement to Arenas. At that time she claimed he financially abandoned their family. The couple, who have 4 children together, has since reconciled and Gloria revealed on a Basketball Wives Reunion show that they have been secretly married for several years.

1 Gabrielle Union - $12 Million

Gabrielle Union has spoken out about the public backlash she faced due to her relationship with NBA star Dwayne Wade. Wade’s ex-wife, Siohvaugn Wade, alleged that Union was cheating with her husband while he was still married. Union claims that Wade was separated when their romance began, but Wade’s ex-wife claims they were still intimate and working on their marriage.

Union said her false reputation as a home-wrecker has hurt her acting career. In a new twist, Wade fathered a love child during a brief separation from his fiancee. Despite the new developments, the couple is still planning a wedding ceremony. Wade and Union have dated since 2007. Union also dated NBA baller, Jason Kidd, in high school.

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