The Highest Paid Superhero Actors of All Time

If you love movies, and you are really interested in comic book movies, then you most likely have a few movies that have stuck in your mind.  There are probably a lot of stars that you felt did an ama

If you love movies, and you are really interested in comic book movies, then you most likely have a few movies that have stuck in your mind.  There are probably a lot of stars that you felt did an amazing job playing the characters that you know and love.  They were probably paid very well to do this work and they may even be one of the top seven highest paid superhero actors of all time. Stop and think about the ones that you remember and try to imagine exactly what they may have made to create a movie that you enjoyed watching.

Anyone that pays attention to the media, especially movies and such, may be able to tell you that there was a time, not that long ago, when Robert Downey Jr. was making headlines for what he was being paid for Avengers Assembly. He was making $50 million. It goes without saying that we could all live comfortably with this amount of money in the bank. However, even with that being said, he is not the highest paid actor when it comes to playing the part of a superhero. That is right. Those actors and actresses that play superheroes are going to be some of the highest paid actors that you will ever find. Maybe that is because we love to reflect on our younger years when comic books were exciting. Or, maybe is it because we love action and the amazing special effects that are now being used.  No matter what the reason is, there are a few individuals that have made more than Robert Downey Jr. and here they are.

7 George Clooney – $10 million

George Clooney made $10 million for playing Batman in 1990. At this time he was replacing Val Kilmer for the role of Batman.  He made millions with this role even though this movie is thought to be the worst Batman movie ever made. The movie did not do that well and the fans were not thrilled with it. However, Clooney still made his fortune from this movie.

6 Halle Berry – $12.2 million

Halle Berry may not really know what she thinks about her role as Catwoman but she sure did make a lot doing it. Believe it or not, she even won an award for the worst actress role called the Golden Razzie award. Still, it seems that she made a lot of money to play the role and that had to make it that much easier.

5 Hugh Jackman – $20 million

Hugh Jackman starred in the X-Men - Wolverine movie that came out. There are a lot of people that will tell you that if it had not been for him, and the acting that he did, the movie may not have done nearly as well. While you might think that this is a lot of money to make for one movie, it is very important to consider the fact that this movie made more than $370 million across the world.  Therefore, there are a lot of professionals that will state he was worth the price that he was paid to be in the movie.

4 Christian Bale – $30 million

He was the star in The Dark Knight. He was not really making that much up front, compared to other movie actors, for the work that he was doing but he made sure that his contract helped him with that. In fact, it was in the contract that he would make a percentage off of whatever the movie brought in. This was a great thing to have in the contract because anyone that has seen or followed the movie can tell you that it made a lot of money. This mean that Christian Bale, in turn, made a lot of money.

3 Robert Downey Jr. – $50 million

It was discussed at the start of this article that Robert Downey Jr. made $50 million for his work in the Avengers Assembly. This was 100 times more than what he had made when he starred in Iron Man four years earlier. He seemed to have done the same thing that Christian Bale did and asked for a percentage of what the movie made once it was out. It appears that this did him as well as it did Mr. Bale. In fact, Avengers Assembly was the third most successful movie ever made, if that tells you anything.

2 Marlon Brando – $55.5 million

You are going to need to go back a few years to find the second highest paid superhero. Superman: The Movie came out in 1978 and Marlon Brando was able to make millions. He was really only paid $3.7 million for his work but he, just like the other two above, asked to receive a percentage of what was made from the movie. He did not know that this was going to be the highest grossing film that Warner Brothers would ever make. It seems that everyone who has asked for a percentage of the films makings has made some very nice money.

1 Jack Nicholson – $109.4 million

Anyone that remembers the 1989 Batman film will most likely be able to tell you about the joker. That is because Jack Nicholson did a wonderful job with his part and he definitely made it memorable for everyone that saw it. For the longest time, his role in the movie was considered the highest movie payout ever made and if you saw the movie then you knew that it was worth every penny. He got part of what the movie brought in but he also got a percentage of the merchandise that was sold as well.  This was a great idea and it helped to make this star millions.

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The Highest Paid Superhero Actors of All Time