The Cheapest Celebrities in Hollywood

Celebrities earn way more than the average person. They can earn in one blockbuster movie, hit record or tournament championship an amount of money so ridiculous that you may need more than several li

Celebrities earn way more than the average person. They can earn in one blockbuster movie, hit record or tournament championship an amount of money so ridiculous that you may need more than several lifetimes before you can even get to half that figure. Which is why when they are served upon, more are expected from them in terms of generosity and tips.

Take note that on average, wait staff can be paid as low as $2.15 for every hour of work duty. While some states require a higher minimum wage, it is easy to see that these people rely on tips to augment their income.

But what is the acceptable rate of tip. In Manhattan, waiters now expect a standard tip of around 25 percent of the total bill. Some restaurants even go as far as printing a notice, suggesting customers to leave behind a 30 percent tip.

It was not always the case. In the latter part of the 19th century, asking for tips was regarded by some sectors of society as tantamount to blackmail. By 1918, it had become an accepted practice with wait staff expecting a 10 percent standard tip. By 1965, the standard tip became 15 percent. In most states these days, customers are expected to leave behind a 20 percent tip that can be bumped to 25 percent for exceptional service or knocked down to 15 percent for poor service.

Celebrities being a different breed, wait staff expect a lot more from them. David Beckham once paid a thousand dollars for a $100 bill, meaning a tip of $900 to the lucky wait staff. Actors like Johnny Depp are also known for their extreme generosity.

Some can be such tightwads that they are labeled as classless and cheap. Here is a list of some of the cheapest celebrities in Hollywood.


12 Madonna - $18 tip for $400 bill

Madonna once sang that we are living in a material world. She should probably be reminded that this entails money. She has been on top of the music world for over three decades, but wait staff will always have on the bottom of their list. She once left $18 after running up a tab to $400. That’s not even five percent.


11 Barbra Streisand - $10 tip for $457 bill


She once crooned that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. The wait staff of a New York restaurant probably would not put Barbra Streisand on a list of people they need. They certainly did not feel the luck when she left only $10 after running up a bill of $457.


9 Lebron James - $10 tip for $800 bill

Lebron James alienated fans in Cleveland when he bolted for Miami. His image certainly wouldn’t improve after he made a steak restaurant stay open until four in the morning. The worse part is that he only left $10 as tip.


8 Dwayne Johnson - $7 tip in a steak restaurant

Dwayne Johnson is known as “The Rock.” He gained fame through the WWE before breaking into the movie world with a brief role in “The Mummy 2,” before becoming the highest paid actor for a first time starring role in “The Scorpion King.”  Because of his celebrity status, he has had a hard time eating in peace and quiet. He asked a steak restaurant to open its doors early so that he could avoid the crush of fans. The restaurant relented and served Johnson their finest meals. He left them with seven dollars in tip. He acted more like a pauper than king.


7 Britney Spears – loose change to the parking valet

Britney Spears was already reported once of not leaving a tip to the staff of One Sunset after gorging on $251 worth of meals. But oops, she did it again, and it may even be worse. After a valet delivered her car, Spears threw a pile of coins at the feet of the young man and exclaimed, “There’s your tip!” The valet just wanted to hit her even just one time.


6 Mariah Carey – no tip in a New York restaurant

Wait staff was probably hoping for one sweet day when Mariah Carey came in with a bevy of entourage and hangers-on. The restaurant was forced to stay open until late, as the wait staff attended to the singer’s demands. When the bill was paid, she didn’t even bother to leave a single cent as tip.


5 Sean Penn – no tip for $450 bill

He came in with three friends into a restaurant in New Orleans. Sean Penn probably thought that his active role in the efforts to help out victims of Hurricane Katrina was enough to satisfy everyone in the city. He ran up a $450 bill and left exactly $450 as payment.


4 Usher – left autograph as tip

Waiters of restaurants that Usher loves to visit are probably so sick of the R&B singer and so tired of serving him. He is such a cheapskate that he always tries to get someone else to foot the bill for him. And as gratitude to the wait staff that had served on him hand and foot, he once left an autograph as his tip. The waiters were not even sure if it had any value if they auction it off in eBay.


3 Jeremy Piven – left autographed DVD as tip

Now, don’t get me wrong. The television series “Entourage” is a damn good show, but to leave an autographed copy of its DVD as tip? This happened when one of the show’s stars, Jeremy Piven, came to eat at a restaurant in Aspen called Nobu. His party of 12 had no reservation, but they were seated and served nonetheless. And for all that trouble, he left the staff with his autograph.


2 Tiger Woods – took back $5 tip from waitress


He cheated on his wife several times and had affairs with several women. He certainly does not handle women the same deft way he handles golf clubs. And a waitress once had a first-hand look at Woods’ ways. No, they did not have an affair. Instead, after serving him the entire evening, he left $5 as tip. It gets worse. When Woods found out she already got a tip earlier in the night, he took the money back.

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