The 7 Richest Actors In Adult Entertainment

The adult industry has long been one of the most profitable and booming enterprises in entertainment. It's generally believed that the adult entertainment industry will always manage to be lucrative,

The adult industry has long been one of the most profitable and booming enterprises in entertainment. It's generally believed that the adult entertainment industry will always manage to be lucrative, because - as the saying goes - sex sells. Before social media took the crown, adult content sites were the ones most frequented by internet users. These days - although the 'golden age' of the industry passed when adult content became more accessible for free online - the adult entertainment industry is still making over $50 billion a year, and about $3000 average per second.

Despite what conservative or religious groups try to do to shut the industry down, it continues to thrive. Even if production values are cheap, and the cinematography and photography quality looks like it was thrown together in a garage, there's potential to make a good living. Stars in adult entertainment can make anywhere from $30,000 a year to over $100 million, with the potential for star quality - and earnings - to increase with every new film made.

Here, we've compiled information on the eight richest male actors in adult entertainment today. You'll notice that each of these men has something different and unique to offer. They all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and are of widely varying ages - the adult entertainment industry really has something for everyone.

7 James Deen - $1.5 Million

Born Bryan Matthew Sevilla, James Deen is one of the most promising up and coming adult entertainers under thirty. He has bizarrely stated that ever since kindergarten, he's wanted to work in adult entertainment. As soon as he turned 18, he dove into the industry and by the time he was twenty-two, “Adult Video News” named him the Male Performer of the Year. Today, he is active not only in adult entertainment, but in the mainstream film industry. He even appeared in the Bret Easton Ellis movie, co-starring Lindsay Lohan, “The Canyons”, and raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter for a steampunk Western film he was producing.

6 Evan Seinfeld - $3 Million

Evan Seinfeld wears many hats in the entertainment industry. You may recognize him as Jaz Hoyt in the series “Oz”, which airs on HBO. He was also a member of the band Biohazard, playing the bass and contributing his vocal talent. So, for someone so involved in other areas of the entertainment industry, how did he become an adult film actor? He married an adult film actress by the name of Tera Patrick; they remained together and appeared in films as a couple from 2004-2009. After he separated from Patrick, Seinfeld got involved with DJ Lupe Fuentes, who is also an adult film actress.

5 Lexington Steele - $4.1 Million


Lexington Steele has become one of the most recognizable names and faces in the adult entertainment industry. He's been named, by the Adult Video Network, as Male Performer of the Year. Not only is he an adult entertainer, but he's also crossed the threshold into the world of directing and owns two production companies called “Black Viking Pictures” and “Mercenary Motion Pictures”. Believe it or not, Steele started out in the working world as a stockbroker working Wall Street, acting and modeling on the side. In 1996, he forayed into adult films, and relocated to Los Angeles in 1998 to do enter the industry full time.

4 Ron Jeremy - $5.5 Million

Ron Jeremy is probably one of the most famous male figures in the adult entertainment industry due to being rather “blessed” in the nether regions. Known as “The Hedghog” for his appearance and stature, Jeremy made the top 100 list by AVN Magazine and has appeared in over 2200 films along. He has also directed over 280 films and works as a consultant for movies based on the adult entertainment industry such as “Boogie Nights”.

3 John Stagliano - $8 Million

John Stagliano started his career in the adult entertainment world writing erotic fiction for a small newspaper along with doing softcore modeling and working as a male stripper in the 1970’s for Chippendale’s. In 1974, he made his adult film debut, and eventually started his own adult themed newspaper called “Evil Angel”. In the 1980’s, he became a successful producer of adult entertainment films. In 1997, he was diagnosed with HIV. He became the center of a contentious lawsuit in which he was accused of negligence when he failed to inform one of his costars about the status of his health. Today, Stagliano still continues to produce adult entertainment and has branched out to stage shows in Las Vegas based on his films.

2 Peter North - $10 Million


Also known as Alden Brown, Peter North is a Canadian born adult film actor hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 1982, he moved to California, and broke into the adult industry in 1984 in gay adult entertainment under the name of Matt Ramsey, but he eventually moved on to straight adult entertainment. North considers the start of his adult film career to be an accident and pure coincidence. Since his first filming, North has been in over 2000 adult films along with directing over 60 films as well as producing 15 films. In 2001, he started his own production company called Northstar Associates.

1 Rocco Siffredi - $275 Million

Rocco Siffredi is an award winning adult actor and is considered to be the original Italian Stallion. He's one of the most legendary adult entertainers in Italy, having appeared in over 1300 films and having directed over 250 films. He is most noted in the adult entertainment industry for his particularly rough performances. But how in the world has he made so much more than other male adult entertainers? He appears to have made wise investments with his money that have produced many rewards in return; Siffredi's name has been assimilated into pop culture, and continues to work in the industry with much success.

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The 7 Richest Actors In Adult Entertainment