The 16 Richest Twilight Cast Members Ranked

The Twilight films, like the Harry Potter films, are a bit of an oddity. Usually when someone takes on a big role in very popular films like these, they run a very high risk of being typecast in similar roles or worse yet, people can only see them in that role, so they get very little work again. An example of the latter would be George Reeves after The Adventures of Superman, or Mark Hamill post Star Wars.

Some stars of Twilight were lucky enough to have established careers before the films, and those who broke out due to Twilight made a lot of smart choices when taking on other projects. This has resulted in a long list of wealthy cast members - even some of the peripheral characters in the series are big earners.

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16 Elizabeth Reaser

Via: en.wikipedia.org

Net Worth: $2 Million

Character Played: Esme Cullen

Elizabeth Reaser has been in some notable programming throughout her stint in the Twilight films. Early in her career, Reaser had a small role on the Sopranos and has had longer stints on shows like Gray's Anatomy and The Good Wife.

After she wrapped up the Twilight Saga, she appeared in the highly acclaimed HBO series True Detective.

15 Wendell Pierce 

via: nbc.com

Net Worth: $2 Million

Character Played: J. Jenks

Wendell Pierce only had a small role in the entirety of the Twilight films, but his work elsewhere is actually quite notable.

Pierce is probably best known for his work in HBO's original program The Wire. That being said, Pierce is really one of those actors that is constantly working and definitely has "I know that guy, he's in everything!" status. He's been working very steady since his first appearance in The Money Pit in 1986.

Pierce has also made a number of discussion panel appearances on HBO's political news program Real Time with Bill Maher.

14 Anna Kendrick

Via: www.nydailynews.com

Net Worth: $3 Million

Character Played: Jessica Stanley

Kendrick is slowly but surely becoming a big name in Hollywood. Along the way there have been a number of hits such as Twilight, Up in the Air, and Pitch Perfect. This of course goes hand in hand with a few misses, like Rapture-Palooza, a watered down rapture film that paled in comparison to This Is the End, another rapture comedy released the very same year that even shared some actors.

Kendrick is keeping busy. She currently has seven upcoming films awaiting release.

13 Michael Sheen

via: en.wikipedia.org

Net Worth: $3 Million

Character Played: Aro

Sheen is best known for his work on the stage, but he's built up a pretty lengthy resume in film and television as well. An interesting fact about Sheen is Twilight isn't his first series about vampires and werewolves. He appeared as a vampire in the Twilight series and then turned around to play a werewolf in a number of the Underworld films as the lycan known as Lucien.

12 Kellan Lutz

via: ryanseacrest.com

Net Worth: $5 Million

Character Played: Emmett Cullen

With his muscular build and good looks, it's no surprise that Kellan Lutz has been in a number of epic/fantasy and action films like Immortals and The Expendables 3. One of these films was the title role in 2014's lesser known Hercules film The Legend of Hercules.

11 Lee Pace 

Via: popcultureblog.dallasnews.com

Net Worth: $5 Million

Character Played: Garrett

Lee Pace was only in the final installment of the Twilight Saga but his comes as no surprise since it would seem Pace is trying to dip into a number of the big fandom franchise films.

Pace has portrayed the elf Thranduil in The Hobbit series of films and he recently joined the Marvel Universe as Ronan the Accuser with the hugely successful Guardians of the Galaxy film. He also played the lead character in the cult show Pushing Daisies.

10 Billy Burke 

Via: www.blackfilm.com

Net Worth: $5 Million

Character Played: Charlie Swan

Outside of the Twilight films, Billy Burke is best known for his work in television more than his work in film. Burke has been in a number of notable programs such as Revolution, Rizzoli and Isles, and 24. Normally, you'll catch Burke as one-off characters in programs all across the board. Burke's aspirations weren't to be an actor however. He originally came to Hollywood as musician.

9 Jackson Rathbone

Via: www.posh24.com

Net Worth: $6 Million

Character Played: Jasper Hale

Rathbone hasn't quite hit a huge level of stardom yet, but he definitely seems to have made an attempt to get into some big film franchises. Unfortunately, with the exception of Twilight, those franchises haven't really panned out. Rathbone played Sokka in the universally hated The Last Airbender live-action films. He also snagged a role in S. Darko, a film that expanded on the Donnie Darko universe, but this one didn't do so well either.

8 Bryce Dallas Howard

Via: www.celebritybabyscoop.com

Net Worth: $9.5 Million

Character Played: Victoria

Bryce Dallas Howard has definitely made a name for herself without seeming to rely on the success of her father, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard. She is also the second actress to play the role of Victoria.

In addition to Twilight, Howard has also made moves to get into some other big franchises. She joined the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films as Gwen Stacy, she played a Connor in the Terminator films, and she'll be seen in the upcoming Jurassic World.

7 Ashley Greene

via: fanpop.com

Net Worth: $12 Million

Character Played: Alice Cullen

After a stint in modeling and dabbling with the idea of becoming a lawyer, Ashley Greene decided to settle on acting. She had been taking a number of small roles in various small films and television shows but Twilight is easily looked at as her big break. Ever since Twilight, almost all of her roles have been in film. Recently Greene appeared in Zach Braff's latest film Wish I Was Here, and as Lisa Kristal in CBGB.

6 Dakota Fanning 

via: hdpaperwall.net

Net Worth: $16 Million

Character Played: Jane

The fact that Dakota Fanning is probably one of the greatest young actresses of her time is not debatable. Outside of an impressive number of awards for her craft, her list of film choices seems to be smart as well as plentiful.

Outside of the Twilight Saga, Fanning would star alongside Kristin Stewart again in the critically acclaimed film The Runaways.

5 Nikki Reed 

Via: www.mypopulars.com

Net Worth: $16 Million

Character Played: Rosalie Hale

Reed first hit the scene with a bang. Her first stint as an actress was in the acclaimed film Thirteen - a semi-autobiographical film that Reed co-wrote. The film is about a talented and ambitious young girl that takes a darker and more troublesome life path due to peer pressure and a dysfunctional home life. In an interesting move, Reed chose to play the friend that would become a bad influence rather than the character modeled after her.

4 Peter Facinelli

Via: www.therisinghollywood.com

Net Worth: $19 Million

Character Played: Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Peter Facinelli has had a very consistent career going back nearly twenty years, so it's safe to say that the Twilight Saga wasn't exactly his big break.

Most recently, Facinelli has been seen on the much beloved series Glee as Rupert Campion and in Nurse Jackie as Dr. Cooper.

3 Taylor Lautner

Via: www.taylorlautnermania.com

Net Worth: $40 Million

Character Played: Jacob Black

Before Twilight, Lautner was known as the titular character of Sharkboy from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D. After Twilight, Lautner became a bit of a Hollywood heartthrob and continued to snag role after role. Most of his roles outside of Twilight have been in the Romantic-Comedy and Action genres.

2 Kristen Stewart

Via; www.boomsbeat.com

Net Worth: $70 Million

Character Played: Bella Swan

Kristen Stewart had been in a number of films, going back about fifteen years. Despite having had a very steady work, Twilight is definitely the film that put Stewart on the map.

Stewart has been panned for her "wooden acting" in the Twilight series, but due to her stellar work in lower profile films like The Runaways, Stewart has been able to maintain a career post Twilight without falling into the trap of typecasting.

1 Robert Pattinson

via: boomsbeat.com

Net Worth: $100 Million

Character Played: Edward Cullen

Before Twilight, Robert Pattinson was known for his role in another huge film franchise based off a popular book series - he played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series just before his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Like Stewart, Pattinson made a lot of great choices with his roles outside of Twilight. He avoided being typecast in the Fantasy genre and kept his career going after the saga had ended.

Pattinson is known for being rather vocal towards his disdain for the Twilight films and claims he wouldn't have done them if given the opportunity to do it all over.

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