The 15 Hottest Women Kanye West Has Been With

hottest women kanye west has been with

Kanye Omari West is probably one of the best-known music artists of the past decade. He has gotten by and worked his way up to where he is now with an extreme amount of talent and creativity. The rapper most known for his large ego and need to be constantly in the limelight has been the subject of much controversy. Many say he doesn’t have a filter and is too outspoken and rude while others claim he is a genius and artistic visionary- we think it’s a mix of both. He is the perfect entertainer, coming out of Chicago; he has a roughness that is relatable and edgy as well as a soft creative side that is admirable- what wouldn’t a girl love?

Now if you know the music business and the draw of fame and fortune, you know he probably has quite a track record with the females- and you aren’t wrong. We have gone sifting through the dirty details of all his past lovers and alleged ladies he had "relations" with and found the hottest 15. Get a glimpse into the world of Kanye from the models to the designers to the dancers; you’ll see the usual suspects have shown up. You will certainly find that Mr. Yeezus has quite good taste with this extensive list of bad babes.

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15 Leyla Ghobadi

Via huffingtonpost.com

Although it is merely a he-said, she-said deal now, many may remember back in 2013 when Kim was pregnant with her and Kanye’s first child, North, a supposed scandal came out that Kanye had cheated on Kim with Leyla Ghobadi. Ghobadi made all the tabloids’ days by claiming that she slept with Kanye after meeting him at his concert in Montreal and then continued to meet up a few more times. She claims she did not know he was with Kim at the time and has recently started backpedaling on her story. We aren’t sure if he is paying to shut her up or if she was just looking for attention.

14 Virginie Maury

Via lipstickalley.com

One of Kanye’s most recent victims has been quite a mystery to pretty much everyone. The pair was actually known to be dating officially a few years before he made it official with Kim Kardashian. For some reason, the press was unable to identify Kanye’s mystery blonde that he had been hanging out with so often. They did eventually identify her as the French model and actress, Virginie Maury. The two were seen canoodling and such on the balcony of Kanye’s Cannes hotel room in 2011. That seems to solve the mystery of why she was so hard to identify- she definitely isn’t in the pool of expected conquests, so he threw everyone for a loop there.

13 Alexis Phifer

The great Yeezy has been engaged more than once, and one of those lucky ladies was none other than the beautiful Alexis Phifer. The pair started their dating journey way back in 2002, and four years later Kanye proposed to Phifer on their vacation to Capri over a romantic dinner of lobster and pasta. The two were quite a couple and the media absolutely loved them because they lived an interesting, fabulous and fashionable lifestyle. They were always hanging around the fashion crowd since he loved fashion and she was a designer. His mother died while they were engaged and although they stuck together for about a year after, the relationship went downhill from there.

12 Brooke Crittendon

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Brooke Crittendon and Kanye dated for about two years from 2004-2006. She was relatively unknown being an aspiring actress with only small roles to her name until she landed the lead role in the successful BET show Harlem Nights. This beauty has had some interesting things to say about their relationship such as being with Kanye was like a two year trip to Disneyland. She mentions how she would work her regular desk job by day and then at night he’d sweep her away to do exciting and fun things. She also mentioned that the reason they broke up was because he was constantly cheating on her and she got fed up.

11 Selita Ebanks

If you have ever seen Kanye’s epic music video for the song "Runaway," you were probably mesmerized by Selita Ebanks and her role as a Phoenix. She is hands down a stunning human being, and it isn’t hard to see why he chose this beauty to take that large part in his production. It also isn’t hard to see why he wanted to get with her. Ebanks is a British fashion model and actress who is best known for her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she has had many other high profile gigs with Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Ralph Lauren and more that have put her face out into the world.

10 Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton is a dancer, singer, and songwriter that is the youngest member of the female pop group, The Pussycat Dolls. Her vocal skills are about as incredible as she is pretty which made her a perfect fit for the group of dancing divas. The rumors about Thornton and Kanye dating started swirling around 2010 soon after his breakup with Amber Rose. He allegedly flew her out to be his red carpet date for the MTV Video Music Awards that year and they also attended New York’s Fashion Week together. They were even spotted holding hands and hopping fashion after parties together, so that means it’s official, right?

9 Angela Martini

It is no secret that Kanye West likes to go big or go home, well he went for it or should we say HER. Yes, Miss Angela Martini, Miss Universe herself was once the object of Kanye’s ever changing affections. Martini is originally from Albania and won the title of Miss Universe for her country in 2010. The two were said to have been dating for a few months, and she was quoted saying that she really likes him and hopes they relationship soon- but that never happened since he was caught up in Cannes with a certain French blonde.

8 Dollicia Bryan

The delectable Dollicia Bryan is an actress and model that is well known in the hip hop world for her exotic look and extreme curviness. She was cast as one of the leading ladies in his music video "Love Lockdown" and was also rumored to be his leading lady around 2010. We think she may have been more of a side piece, but she cannot be left out simply because Kanye has female ADD. Bryan was more often known for dating Drake, 50 Cent, Tyga and other rappers. Hmmm... anyone wonder where she met all of those guys? Another strange twist is that she also allegedly dated Rob Kardashian briefly- now THAT is weird.

7 Candice Swanepoel

Probably one of the most infamous Victoria’s Secret Angels, Candice Swanepoel is yet another possible Angel that was momentarily wooed by Kanye. Swanepoel is originally from South Africa and actually made the Forbes list of highest paid models- why are we not surprised? Although much of it is speculation, it was made clear that Yeezy put in quite a bit of work to get a hold of this stunning blonde bombshell. Many of the reports on this subject even refer to Kanye as “desperately” trying to get in touch with her after he performed at one of the Victoria’s Secret runway shows.

6 Rihanna

The dangerously sexy songstress from Barbados was rumored to have a "thing" with Kanye for a while, and the rumors make sense since the two are indeed very close. The rumor mill has been spinning about the two since her breakup with Chris Brown, and Kanye was reportedly angry with her for getting back with him. More recent news have picked up on bad vibes from his wife Kim as she is showing jealousy towards how close the two are and the fact that he is planning a world tour with Riri. The pair has been reportedly fighting about it for a while.

5 Sessilee Lopez

The stunning Philadelphia born model, Sessilee Lopez, was reported to have dated Kanye back in 2008. She is most well known for appearing in the all black issue of Vogue alongside other great models like Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn and Liya Kebede, who have all been featured in past issues. Being a huge part of the fashion world (and gorgeous), made her a prime target for Kanye since he seems to have a weakness for such ladies. Lopez was also a Victoria’s Secret model and was featured in one of Kanye’s music videos, for the song "Flashing Lights." Many sources verified that the two spent a lot of time together and that Kanye was "smitten" by her.

4 Kate Upton

3 Amber Rose

One of Kanye’s most memorable boos was none other than the adult film star, Amber Rose. This full figured stunner of a human being who somehow rocks a buzz cut and still looks amazing had Kanye on lock for almost a year- or maybe he had her on lock. The couple’s relationship was very thoroughly documented since they were a paparazzi favorite. They both took fashion to the extreme and were known for turning heads wherever they went. Kanye and Rose were also known for being all over each other in public. Unfortunately, the relationship ended badly, and they have both done their fair share of dishing dirty details on each other.

2 Kim Kardashian

1 Chanel Iman

This drop dead gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Model is certainly not the only fallen angel for Kanye. Chanel Iman Robinson is a tantalizing mix of Korean and African American- making quite a stunning combo that made this young model and actress quite a sensation on the runway as well as in magazines. She has had a lot of success modeling for many of the top fashion brands. The rumored relationship happened around 2011 when they were hanging out and partying frequently, and he flew her out to walk at his show. What can we say? Kanyeezy has a little soft spot for models and models seem to have a soft spot for him.

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