The 10 Richest Radio Personalities in the World

It is believed that the radio is becoming an outdated form of technology. Decades ago, radio was the primary source of news and entertainment for the average American. However, the television quickly surpassed it. While it may be true that most people get their information (and relaxation) by turning on the TV or browsing the internet, there are still a number of people who get very rich while broadcasting over the airwaves.

The average salary of a radio disc jockey or talk show host is about $40,000 per year. Obviously, this may not be the best media outlet to go into if one wants to become filthy rich. However, this number takes into account both the new radio personality and the long-time jocks. Experienced jocks in major cities can earn about $80,000 to $100,000. Then there are the top notch hosts. These guys host nationally syndicated programs. Syndication is the term used to describe the act of recording a show and then broadcasting it on a number of radio stations throughout the country. The more radio stations that sign up to broadcast the show, the more money that host is going to make.

This list discusses the richest and highest earning radio show hosts in the world. The requirements to be considered for the list are simple. First, the person must have started their media career in radio. Secondly, the person must currently have a radio program on air. This can be on FM, AM, or XM radio.

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10 Tom Joyner - Net Worth: $30 million

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9 T7. Don Imus - Net Worth: $35 million

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The long-time shock jock, Don Imus, is worth an estimated $35 million. Imus began his radio career in Palmdale, California in 1968. He started the Imus in the Morning in the Evening radio show in 1973. Due to his controversial style, Imus was forced to move from station to station very often because eventually his on-air pranks would become too much for the station to handle. He kept getting new jobs because his radio show always brought in high ratings. At one point, he actually worked on the same station that Howard Stern worked for. By this point, the show dropped the last part of the name because it became specially a morning show. The two shock jocks began a long-running rivalry while working together. In 1993, Imus in the Morning became a nationally syndicated program.

8 T7. Michael Medved - Net Worth: $35 million

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Michael Medved is the host of the nationally syndicated The Michael Medved Show. He is famous for his political commentaries and discussing his opinions about various media outlets and how they affect society. Medved has held a number of jobs working on campaigns for various politicians. He is highly educated and entered his undergraduate studies at Yale at the age of 16. After graduating, he was admitted in Yale’s law school. After years of working with politicians, Medved started his show in 1996. His show is broadcast on over 200 different stations throughout the United States and receives an average of 4.75 million listens weekly. He is worth an estimated $35 million.

7 T7. Steve Merchant - Net Worth: $35 million

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Steve Merchant is the final radio personality on this list to be worth about $35 million. He began his career in broadcasting while studying at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Merchant was a film reviewer for his college’s radio station. After graduation, he began working as a radio DJ while trying to make a career as a standup comedian. In 1997, he was hired by Ricky Gervais to be his personal assistant. Eventually Merchant became the co-host of The Ricky Gervais Show. In 2002, the two took a break from their radio program to write and film their own TV show, The Office. The next year, they were back on radio and their new TV show was posting great ratings. The Ricky Gervais Show went off the air in 2005. Steve Merchant then started his own radio program, The Steve Show, which is one of the top programs on BBC radio.

6 Dave Ramsey - Net Worth: $ 55 million

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5 Harry Shearer - Net Worth: $65 million

Via theguardian.com

There really aren't too many things Harry Shearer has not done. He began his career in the media as a childhood actor, appearing in things like The Jack Benny Program and Abbott and Costello Go To Mars. In 1969, he became a member of The Credibility Gap, a comical radio program made up of a number of comedians. In 1979, Shearer was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live and in 1984, he co-wrote and co-starred in the movie This is Spinal Tap. He left Saturday Night Live in 1985, to focus on his radio show which had been running for the past two years. This program was Le Show. In 1989, Shearer was hired to do voices for characters on The Simpsons. Shearer is still the host of Le Show up to this day. It is one of the longest running comedic radio programs on the airwaves.

4 Anne Sinclair - Net Worth: $200 million

Via rtl.fr

Now we are getting to the big dogs. Anne Sinclair, a European radio and television show host, is worth an estimated $200 million. She is actually an heiress to Paul Rosenberg’s fortune. Rosenberg happens to be her grandfather. Sinclair started her career in radio on one of Europe’s largest radio networks, Europe 1. She is now the host of her own show which appears both on TV and radio and is syndicated throughout the entire continent.

3 Glenn Beck - Net Worth: $250 million

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Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck is one of the most successful men in radio. He is the host of The Glenn Beck Radio Show, a conservative political talk show which has been nationally syndicated since 2002. Prior to becoming the highly successful political analyst he is, Beck was a radio disc jockey in Provo, Utah. Aside from his highly successful radio show, Beck was formerly the host of one of FOX NEWS’s most highly rated programs, The Glenn Beck Show, which was taken off television in 2008. Beck is also a six-time best-selling author. He is the founder and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, which produces content for a number of different media outlets. Beck is worth an estimated $250 million.

2 Rush Limbaugh - Net Worth: $400 million

Via businesswire.com

1 Howard Stern - Net Worth: $550 million

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Howard Stern is the world’s most famous shock jock. He recently signed an exclusive deal with Sirius XM radio worth $500 million. This brings his estimated net worth up to about $550 million. The Howard Stern Show was a nationally syndicated program on FM radio from 1986 to 2005. He started his radio career in 1972 as a disc jockey on Boston University’s campus radio station. To date, no one has received more fines from the FCC than Stern.

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