The 10 Most Insane Celebrity Purchases Of 2015

If there is one thing we can count on, it is that certain celebrities love to flash their money. Money well earned? That's debatable, but either way, we know about some of the most insane and expensive purchases they make. Many A-listers have experienced financial burdens growing up and the struggles of making ends meet. They are sometimes not use to being in the position they are now, where massive sums of money hit their bank account and they have more than they ever dreamed of! What does one do with a gargantuan amount of "moolah" now that they are rich and famous? Invest in potentially booming stocks? Give back to the underprivileged and unfortunate? Sometimes. But sometimes that is just not the case.

It is far too tempting to be able to afford the newest luxury vehicle and stay in the most expensive, lavish hotel suites. But when is it ever good enough? Some of these celebs always seem to push the envelope and spend their Hollywood dollars on things that kind of make us snort and roll our eyes, or secretly think: "I wish". There is no denying that we all love to spoil ourselves every once and a while, so these celebs are no different than us. Perhaps we all don't agree with who spends how much on what, but it is their money.

From mini mansions for their dogs to grabbing one of the rarest cars in the world, these 10 outrageous celeb purchases prove that sometimes money is no object! Here are The 10 Most Insane Celebrity Purchases Of 2015.

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11 Justin Bieber's Buys a $1.4 Million Ferrari LaFerrari

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This chart topper confirmed to USA today that he has purchased his second Ferrari at the young age of 21. Like any man in his 20s, Justin loves fast cars that make loud noise. This red looking batmobile holds a 6.3L V12 engine and can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds. It is known to be a big competitor of the Porshe 918 Spyder and McLaren P1. Only 499 of these spectacular vehicles were made and all sold out. Bieber is a lucky owner sharing his love for this beauty with other famous key holders like Lewis Hamilton, Gordon Ramsay and Robert Herjavec.

10 Beyonce Buys $312,000 High Heels

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These dazzling stilettos can make anyone feel "bootylicious" and fall crazy in love. House of Borgezie makes and sells these shiny numbers for $312,000 a pair! Chris Shellis, the owner of House of Borgezie includes many reasons why these heels come with that price tag. Firstly, they hold a lifetime guarantee, so you can feel safe knowing you are assured an easy fix or a new pair. These stilettos have 1,290 stones encrusted within them allowing them to shine flawlessly. Most importantly, each pair is molded individually to the owner's foot with plaster allowing for supreme comfort. Beyonce allegedly picked up this pair to wear in her next music video, so keep your eyes peeled if they make a cameo in her next big hit!

9 Paris Hilton Pays $25,000 For 2 Dogs

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This somehow does not seem to surprise anyone who knows anything about Paris Hilton. This devoted animal lover owns not one, but 8 dogs! Among the many other animals she owns, dogs seem to be her favorite. The hotel heiress sought after Joanne Pedram, owner of "Betty's Tea Cup Yorkies" in Calgary, Canada. Paris dropped $25,000 for 2 Pomeranians that are known to be some of the smallest in the world. The first pooch she named "Princess Paris Jr.," weighing at 6 ounces, was bought in order to give her other Pomeranian named 'prince' a "girlfriend". The other dog seen in the photo was a gift for her mom Cathy costing her $1,400. Pedram states that Hilton helped make her business boom and now all her dogs are high in demand. She believes Hilton is a fit owner and that "She cares for them really well, they're not just a piece of accessory for her."

8 Mayweather Buys Most Expensive Car In The World At $4.8 Million


Dropping $4.8 million on a car was no big deal for one of the highest paid athletes right now. In 2015 alone, Mayweather took in $300 million. This was no ordinary car that Floyd had his eyes on; this is the ultimate luxury vehicle and one of the rarest cars on the planet. It is called Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita and only 2 exist in the entire world! This car packs a punch with the ability to go from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. It is not just fast, but beautiful and original. The silver look is not a paint that was put on, it is a tint. When the sun hits the car, it literally looks like there are millions of diamonds shining all over it. Quite impressive for the man of the hour.

7 Oprah Buys 10% Stake In Weight Watchers For $43 Million

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Once again, Oprah has done it again and gave the world another case of the "Oprah Effect". Miss Winfrey invested a reported $43 million to hold a 10% stake in the widely known weight loss company Weight Watchers. She has since made an influence, causing stock to jump 105%! Although Weight Watchers has begun to face strong competition and new technology like Phone Apps impacting their business, the company stands firm in believing Oprah can change things. "...This partnership will accelerate our transformation and will meaningfully expand our ability to impact many millions of people worldwide," Ray Debbane, Chairman of Weight Watchers has said. Maybe a Weight Watchers' subscription will be on Oprah's next List of Favorite Things!

6 LeAnn Rimes Spends $5,922/Night At Arizona Resort

Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona gladly charged this country star a whopping $5,922 per night for her stay this year. LeAnn Rimes, who is reportedly been in and out of rehab and has admitted to stress and anxiety, sometimes needs some R & R. This resort prides itself on helping guests live a balanced and 'in the moment' lifestyle. This 400-acre property includes 3 swimming pools, a golf course, yoga center, an equestrian center and private horseback riding trails and countless spa treatments and specialist consultations. It is an overall wellness center that Rimes just had to have. The "How Do I Live" singer took notes at a high price to do just that: live.

5 Lady Gage Spends $50,000 On A Ghost Detector

This famous poker face has never been shy to be a little outside the box. When her fear of the paranormal started to increase she was not afraid to go public. She also decided to shell out a few thousand dollars for her spooky problem. To believe in ghosts is one thing, to buy a ghost detector is another, especially one priced at $50,000, but Lady Gaga was 'born this way'. Gaga has apparently had her tour and hotel locations scanned by professional paranormal investigators so that she feels safe. Gaga has sounded gaga in the past with reportedly claiming that she is the reincarnated spirit of her dead aunt.

4 Elton John Spends $33 Million For His New Home


3 Tyga Buys Ferrari For Kylie

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Remember when Kylie Jenner was surprised at her 18th birthday bash with a white Ferrari? You know, the one boyfriend Tyga dished out a reported $320,000 for? Tyga had waited until the night's end to present her with one of the most lavish gifts you can give a person. The started dating earlier this year; a relationship that was criticized at the time because Kylie was only a minor, whereas the rapper is in his late 20s. But as Kylie would attest, love is blind to age. True, but if that Ferrari is any indication, her love has a price tag.

2 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie To Buy $4.7 Million Private Greek Island

This power couple has reportedly been in the looks for their own private island for quite some time and 2015 might just be their year! Brangelina has their eye on the entire island of Gaia in Greece. At 43 acres, the island has secured enough room to build 6 villas. Angelina has apparently fallen head over heels for this beautiful area. It is a great vacation destination for the large family and a chance for the public couple and their family to have some privacy for once. The couple has recently put their New Orleans home on the market for $6.5 million dollars, UsMagazine reports. Perhaps the couple is finally taking the $4.7 million plunge to share more quality time with the family in private...

1 Taylor Swift Buys $25 Million Mansion in Cash

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Rumor has it that The Princess of Pop has shelled out $25 million in cold, hard cash in order to buy the 11,000 square foot Beverly Hills estate. Swift already owns several homes located in Nashville and New York; this California home is just a new addition to her collection. As Swift's fame and income rises, so do the costs of the homes she wants to buy. Although she has denied purchasing this new $25 million home, TMZ has tracked down the records and all paperwork leads back to her Nashville address. This estate belonged to The Goldwyn family and is now in the hands of the pop sensation!  This could be the home of Taylor Swift's 'wildest dreams.'

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