The 10 Most Annoying Habits Many Celebrities Have

Whether on stage or in the privacy of their homes, celebrities are always in the limelight. People love to talk about everything that seems interesting about celebrities, especially rumors and gossip. This attention forces celebrities to try to behave their best at all times, but with all this pressure they still slip up and give the world something to talk about.

The following are 10 annoying habits that many celebrities have; sadly, most celebrities do not know just how annoying they are. If you are an up and coming celebrity, whether in the movie industry, the music industry, or whatever industry that is likely to propel you to stardom, please avoid doing the following things at all costs.

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10 Getting Into Fights

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This is a trend among the young celebrities, who probably want to show how tough they are by getting into fights in the clubs and with their rivals. However, the older celebrities are not beyond reproach with regard to getting down and dirty in fistfights. In addition to physical fights, many celebrities take their fights online. Some of the most common causes of altercations between celebrities are when two male celebs are fighting over a girl, when two women fight over a guy, or when others fight each other for some award. The most common celebrities with 'fighting' histories are Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Peace and love, guys.

9 Pushing Their Children To Become Just Like Them

This celebrity habit is very annoying to genuinely talented people who have to wait in line to even get a chance at making it, just because some individuals want to monopolize the industry. Some children do end up becoming a hit many years later, but the larger percentage end up feeling so much stress and pressure that they completely lose it. Celebrity parents know all too well just how much pressure they go through, and they drag their whole family into it, hoping to keep the family name alive for years to come. This is not to discourage Will Smith, but having one celebrity at home is enough stress for one family to handle.

8 Relationship Drama

Relationships are part of human life and everyone is entitled to following his or her heart with regard to love. However, some celebrities are just annoying with how they choose to handle their love lives and marriages. A celebrity like Jerry Lee Lewis who married his 13-year-old first cousin at one time and has gone through seven marriages is a good example. Larry King is another celebrity who is currently in his eighth marriage, and had one time filed for divorce in his current marriage but it did not materialize.

7 Posting Naked Pictures Online

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Thanks to online social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, celebrities keep showing us images of themselves that people do not really want to see. Celebrities do not need to pose naked for people to notice them, or for them to gain approval. Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who thinks that she will become even more popular by posting naked pictures of herself online. The guys who also want to show off their shirtless bodies are just setting themselves up for criticism. If these celebrities have to post any of their images, let them at least respect everyone out there and cover themselves up.

6 Blaming Underperformance On Exhaustion

It's important to recognize that many celebrities out there have to work very hard to look and perform as well as they do. However, it's also true that the bigger percentage of celebrities just lay around all day as they wait for their next movie or album tour. Many celebrities blame their alcoholism and drug addictions on exhaustion, yet in reality the problem is the drugs and not the exhaustion. Celebrities claim that their frequent visits to hospitals and rehab centers are because of prescription medication problems, yet we all know what the problem really is. Therefore, 'The Situation' and others like him need to deal with the whole addiction situation and not come up with excuses for it.

5 Wearing Ridiculous Red Carpet Costumes

Almost all celebrities and influential personalities get to attend award ceremonies in order to celebrate outstanding achievements in various fields. Although the focus of the events should be the winning nominees and the awards that they receive, attention has today shifted to the weird clothing that celebrities wear to these events. One of the weirdest celebrities on the red carpet is Lady Gaga, who always shocks the world every time she steps out in public wearing one of her outlandish costumes. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are also in this annoying category of dolled up celebs.

4 Every Celebrity Having Their Own Fragrance

Celebrities apparently have a lot of time on their hands, since many never have to go to work the whole day, every day like the rest of us. Therefore, with all that money and time on their hands, many of them look for ways to infiltrate our nostrils with fragrances that they would never wear in real life. It is good to expand your portfolio and try to be relevant, even in the beauty products isle in the supermarket, but can someone tell the celebrities that we want to love them for what they do on stage and on film, and that they do not need to be a part of everything about us.

3 Getting Involved in Politics

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Many people love movie stars and music icons because of what they do best, and we all understand that they are just performing. However, when they start talking about politics and expressing strong opinions about politicians, they reveal an annoying side of themselves. The good thing about celebrities on stage and screen is that they always follow a script, and say words thought up, written, and edited by someone else, which makes them sound intelligent. However, when some of them just speak freely, their reputation really suffers. Therefore, the next time Clint Eastwood speaks to an empty chair pretending to talk to a candidate who clearly has majority support, he had better know what he is doing.

2 Causing Chaos in Shopping Malls

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It's normal for everyone to go into a shopping mall and buy something that they really need. However, some celebrities go to malls knowing very well they will cause a lot of chaos and disrupt business. Business is good for shopping malls that attract celebrities, but the disaster that might follow is not welcome at all. Justin Bieber, on several occasions has led fans to believe that he would appear at a certain mall. The fans therefore came out in large numbers, only to suffer disappointment or to fall prey to unruly hooligans who take advantage of such gathering to cause chaos. Please do not tell fans that you are going shopping and fail to turn up, or better yet, just hire someone to do your shopping.

1 Committing Ridiculous Crimes

Celebrities at times think of themselves more highly than they ought to, and end up paying dearly for their crimes. It's bad enough that the younger generation looks up to many celebrities, even when their character is wanting, to the level of committing serious crimes. Some celebrities who have spent time in prison owing to possession of banned substances and weapons include Lil Wayne, Ja Rule and 50 Cent. Other celebrities went to prison due to tax evasion and failing to declare their earnings. It is annoying enough that celebrities make so much money and have such a huge following, only for them to fail to pay taxes and to disappoint their fans.

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