Know When To Hold Em: The Biggest Celebrity Gamblers

Gambling is everywhere in today's world with some locations, such as Las Vegas, that are almost reserved exclusively for gambling. With casinos in every hotel that are large and extravagant, it is har

Gambling is everywhere in today's world with some locations, such as Las Vegas, that are almost reserved exclusively for gambling. With casinos in every hotel that are large and extravagant, it is hard to walk through one without placing at least one bet, or pulling the slots once. In a casino, everyone is on the same playing field. Whether you're a high profile celebrity or a tourist looking for a little fun, everyone is there for the same reasons; to spend money and attempt to win more than they came in with.

If people are not careful, gambling can become a true addiction that is hard to get out of once you have fallen into the trap. Many people, celebs and non-celebs alike, sometimes end up spending more than they realize and fall into deep debt and do not comprehend how to stop the habit they have started.

For high profile celebrities, some take gambling as a way of life rather than a way of making money. All around the globe, most celebrities gamble in casinos in games such as blackjack, sportsbook windows, and the poker tables, among others. They do this for fun, entertainment and most importantly for wins as they bet for a certain amount of money in different games. To be in the top ten list, it takes high personal interests and liking of gambling and it has proved to be addictive to some celebrities as they get a lot of money when the bet favors them. Here is a list of celebrities who enjoy trying their luck.

10 Phil Ivey: Pro Poker Player

Phil Ivey is a professional poker player who has proved an outstanding performance by winning several poker bracelets in the poker world series since he became a poker player in the year 1990. He has been participating in other tournaments such as cash games and online poker. He has won many bets but has also lost cash on NBA finals in the past few years.

9 Ben Affleck: Success With Poker and Blackjack

Ben Affleck has got his success in the poker tables and the blackjack tables. He has pocketed several million dollars in the two, making him to be rated in the top ten gambling celebrities list. The superstar was born in 1972 and became a professional actor. He has been in the producing team of TV shows and movies. Some of his work includes The Second Voyage of Mimi and Chasing Amy. One of his best bets was at blackjack in Vegas where he won a high amount of money which boosted his net worth.

8 Phil Mickelson: Has Large Gambling Debts

Phil Mickelson has been a great gambler but sources have revealed that he has lately had huge gambling debts. The professional golfer who was born in the year 1970 has won events in different tiles on the PGA tour.

7 Allen Iverson: Prohibited from Casinos

Allen Iverson was a professional basketball player who played in the guard position. He was formally highly ranked in the NBA players wealth rank but is now nearing bankruptcy. Though he is in financial constraints, he has a trust fund from reebok which amounts to one million of which he will be the beneficiary on attaining the age of 55. He has an unknown amount of gambling debts and has even been prohibited from some casinos.

6 Jennifer Tilly: Winner World Poker Series of Ladies

The 1958 born Canadian-American actress is a winner of the world poker series of ladies bracelet. Jennifer Tilly's work in the film industry includes The Fabulous Baker Boys among others. She does not appear in her acting career as usual because she has given gambling a higher priority. She has created a lot of wealth in poker with the support of her boyfriend.

5 John McCain: Goes on Gambling Binges

The former US presidential aspirant successfully went on odd gambling binges while he was a senator. John McCain has been an administrator and has tried to keep this habit from the prying public eyes as it’s a controversy to his career. He was born in 1936 and has recently been in a political career doubled with gambling.

4 Gladys Knight: Baccarat Table Gambler

Gladys Knight was born in the year 1944 and has been involved in several career paths which include; song writing, business, acting, author and gambling. She is a rough voiced soul singer and is a background singer in different songs. She has gambled at the baccarat tables and has lost a substantial amount of money which she claims is the reason why she wants to quit gambling.

3 Tiger Woods: Bets on Blackjack Tables

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer in the U.S. who has been highly ranked and won a lot of trophies in his golf career. He was born in 1975 and has become a celebrity in the sports world but also does gambling one the side and has ranked number three in the top ten celebrity gamblers. He has been betting on the blackjack table and uses huge amounts in casino gambling.

2 Charles Barkley: Lost $10 Million to Gambling

The 50 year old retired basketball player and NBA analyst, Charles Barkley, has won a lot of money from gambling at the blackjack tables. Recently, the basketball player has revealed his status in gambling that he has more than $10 million loss in the game.

1 Michael Jordan: Frequents Poker Tables and Craps Pits

The basketball superstar was born in 1963. He is also an entrepreneur where he has created a lot of wealth and takes bets involving huge amounts in the casinos. Michael Jordan has been involved in the poker tables and craps pit for a long time where he has lost and won as is the order in gambling.

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Know When To Hold Em: The Biggest Celebrity Gamblers