Strange Bromance Gifts Of The Rich

They say that friends are the family you choose. A good friend is there there to help you move, meet-up for a drink or to help launch a sports management label. That is of course if you’re one half of a Celebrity Bromance.

In the 90’s the term Bromance entered our lexicon and has been used to describe male-on-male friendship connections ever since. Over the years we’ve see some great onscreen Bromances from Kirk and Spock to Thor and Loki (ok they were actually brothers), but what about celebrities who set aside special bro time for each other off screen and in real life?

Whether it’s courtside seats at a Laker’s game or a creating platinum selling albums, celebrity friends really know how to show they care. Check out our list of the top 10 Strangest Celebrity Bromance Gifts ever exchanged among famous buds.

10 Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong UN

This odd couple kicked off one of the strangest and most watched friendships of 2013 back in July after the newly minted leader of the North Korean Dynasty invited Rodman for a visit. This odd couple enjoyed all-star basketball games featuring former NBA stars (supplied by Rodman) and a few things homeland security won’t tell you about.

At the height of his career, Rodman was worth a cool $29 million plus endorsements and books sales but these days the former “Rebound King” finds himself in the Red. So what does a seemingly broke former baller get for a dictator who has everything?

During Rodman’s latest visit to North Korea he showered Kim Jong UN with bottles of Jameson Whiskey, European Crystal and a hand made fur coat. Not only are these gifts thoughtful, but they violate UN Security Counsel law forbidding the import of embargoed luxury gifts into North Korea. Now that’s true Bromance.

9 Adam Sandler to Chris Rock

These Grown Ups buddies have been cultivating their Bromance since their early days on SNL. Rock and Sandler continue to work and write together taking in the occasional sporting event to kick back and relax. But when the Sandler’s Happy Madison Production Company grossed over $270 million for the hit comedy, “Gown Ups”, Adam whose net worth checks in around $300 million, just had to say thanks. Rock and his co-stars received a heartfelt thank you card along with custom built Maserati’s rumored to cost $800,000 dollars each. What’s a few supercars between friends when you’re already worth a quarter billion dollars?

8 Bryan “Birdman” Williams to Lil Wayne

Though this unusual pair is often seen sporting jeans and t-shirts they are no strangers to luxury. Williams, the Cash Money Records CEO and Lil Wayne’s mentor is worth an estimated $170 million dollars and has produced some of hip-hop’s biggest names including; Drake, Busta Rhymes, Niki Manaj and Paris Hilton.

After signing with Cash Money Records in 2008, Lil Wayne has sold over 15 million records and brought Cash Money Records to the next level. With numbers like that “Weezy” deserves a little recognition and his buddy Birdman honoured their friendship with a customized $10,000 Louis Vuitton bag filled to the top with $1 million in cash. Good thing Lil Wayne has a big private jet to get the cash home safely.

7 Simon Cowell to Andrew Silverman

Simon Cowell is multi-talented entrepreneur and one of the most recognized faces in the world. Neither a movie star or performer, Cowell’s grumpy mug has been blasted into our homes through The X Factor, American Idol and of course the tabloids. But despite his prickly demeanour, Simon’s a generous guy. When leaving American Idol he bought everyone of his colleagues a designer wallet each with $500 inside. Simon is so generous in fact he gave his best friend, Real Estate Mogul, Andrew Silverman a baby. Ok not exactly.

Like any close relationship, a great Bromance can sour at the drop of a hat. In 2013 Cowell’s affair with Silverman’s now ex-wife came to light when she announced she was pregnant with Cowell's baby. Though the Silverman’s divorce was touted as speedy and amicable it was not the Bromance that paved the way but rather Cowell’s $425 million dollar in assets that got things moving.

6 Kanye West to Jay-Z

When two of the biggest stars in hip hop history strike up an ego filled Bromance, there’s bound to be some extravagant (and unusual) spending. It’s hard to tell if these two new dads are best of friends or mortal enemies but one thing is for sure, the relationship is paying off. Jay Z and Kanye’s recent “Watch the Throne Tour” which included 34 dates grossed a reported $75 million. A striking figure considering they only toured North America.

After a mere ten years in the biz, Kanye, who is worth an estimated $100 million, is no stranger to strange gift giving. On father’s day Kanye hit luxury boutique Lions & Sons to procure a $34,000 giant golden skull for the incomparable Mr. Carter. The 24K Divora skull comes complete with a cap of red topaz stones and is sure to watch the thrown from Jay’s mantle piece for years to come.

5 Justin Bieber to P-Diddy

It’s worth noting that Diddy was making records (and money) before the Bieber was even born. But in 2010 Sean Combs, then 41, and 15-year-old Bieber struck up a friendship after collaborating in the studio. Since then the two have been seen hitting VIP parties, racing super cars and living the good life. Combs, a fashion designer, producer, actor and rapper, has held his position in the spot light since the 90s and is presently worth about $580 million. No stranger to chart topping success the Founder of Bad Boy Records showed his love for the Justin on his 16th birthday giving him Lamborghini Spyder worth over $200,000. Here’s hoping Bieber’s older pal helped him learn to drive a stick shift.

4 To Soulja Boy love Soulja Boy

All celebrities are known to mark their success with an ostentatious purchase or two. Once this Atlanta born rapper and producer made it big,  he purchased gifts of epic proportions on the most important person he could think of—himself.

The billboard ranking “Crank That” rapper went all out on his 21st birthday allegedly buying himself a private Jet. The Gulfstream G5 cost a reported $35 million dollars but it didn’t stop there. Soulja Boy showed himself some extra appreciation with $20 million in upgrades including Italian leather seats; flat screen TVs, custom bars, a revamped bathroom and Brazilian hardwood cabinets. Since then Soulja Boy’s management team have said the rumored cost and upgrades are “over exaggerated” and that the rapper merely spent $300,000 on a night out with friends to celebrate turning the big 2-1. 

3 Usher to Justin Bieber

When Usher was Justin Bieber’s age he too was multi platinum selling artist with the world at his feet and money in his pocket. Though their relationship began in mentorship, these two have become close since Bieber was discovered in 2008. Attending basketball games, hitting the dance studio and working on new tracks, the older superstar has been there to guide his young protégé to success over the past five years.

Like Diddy, Usher gifted the Biebs with a fully loaded Range Rover on his 16th birthday party. The only question is whose car did he drive first?

2 Dr. Dre to Rick Ross

Not only is Dr. Dre one of the founding fathers of hip-hop, he is one of the most successful producers of all time. This California based icon won one of the first Grammy’s awarded to hip-hop artists and is behind some of today’s biggest acts like Snoop Dog, Mary J Blige, Eminem and 50 Cent.

When he’s not engineering songs or revolutionizing the music experience with Beats headphones the Dr. does what any music mogul would do. He parties with hip-hop’s elite. During a recent birthday bash at Miami’s Club Amnesia, for Maybach Music Group Records CEO, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre generously gifted the rapper with a $100,000 Hublot Watch.

1 Gillette to Ryan Lochte

During the 2010 summer Olympics Ryan Lochte went from being an attractive, obscure swimmer to an attractive household name after winning five medals at the London Olympic games. Lochte’s goofy demeanour and good looks made him a crossover athlete celebrity who has gone on to do cameos on shows like 30 Rock and landed several celebrity endorsements.

After striking up an endorsement Bromance with Gillette, Ryan’s friends at male grooming company honoured him with what he dubbed his most prized possession: a set of gold Gillette razors complete with diamond encrusted heads. Not a bad way to show your appreciation!

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