Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Friendship

Steve and Bill first met as young promising entrepreneurs, considering  both of them would grow up to start multibillion dollar companies. As most of you know Steve Jobs created Apple while Bill Gates created Microsoft but the friendship went back even further. Despite the intense competition between the two firms, Gates described how he and Jobs "grew up together" this was said during an interview with 60 minutes that took place a few days after Jobs death. During the interview Gates was trying to fight back tears remembering the times with his friend.

Steve Jobs worked on the many products around the most notable is the original Macintosh computer which had been a major turning point for all computers. If I were to describe their friendship id have to say it wasn't like most peoples, this is clearly seen in there interviews, when they were asked about each other they said many interesting things the following are some of what they said:

Gates: Steve Jobs was "fundamentally odd," and "weirdly flawed as a human being"

Jobs on Gates: “He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger"

Gates on Jobs: "He really never knew much about technology, but he had an amazing instinct for what works"

This friendship has revolutionized todays technology. In fact the majority of technology today are either Apple or Microsoft products, their popularity has just kept on increasing all these years and is surly going to continue with new and upcoming products such as the Xbox One, Iphone 5S, Ipad 5, Apple TV, and much more that will soon be unveiled at the CES conference. After all this you see that Jobs and Gates had one hell of a friendship, unfortunately for Mr. Gates and the world Steve Jobs is no longer with us.

Net Worth:

Steve Jobs Net worth: $10 B

Bill Gates Net Worth: $67 B

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Friendship