Sex tape Star Farrah Abraham receives $10 000 not $1 Million

Porn stars receive less than what is expected of them for having sex on camera.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham reportedly inked a $1 million deal with porn distributor Vivid. However, it turned out that Farrah only received 1/100 of the amount, which is $10,000, not $1 million, as disclosed by a source.

Sex tape broker Kevin Blatt supported the claim and said that, Tami Erin, known for her portrayal of Pippi Longstockings, received the same offer.  He also said that Paris and Kim Kardashian made millions before because people still buy DVD's.

Paris reportedly earned over $13 million for her sex tape in 2004 while Kim grossed $8 million for her 2007 sex tape with hip hop artist Ray J.

Another insider also supported Blatt’s claim, “In reality she (Abraham) got $10,000 upfront and 30 percent of sales, minus the cost of production. The entire celebrity sex video genre is a lot of unsubstantiated marketing with very little truth behind it. It’s all publicity. It’s all hype.”

Vivid Entertainment President Steven responded, “I think that we’re dealing with several issues. The one that most people talk about is the amount of free content on the Internet and how to deal with that. What we’ve chosen to do is work with free sites. One of the things that we did decide to do is work with celebrity sex tapes. What we did is we leased a celebrity sex tape with Farrah Abraham and we took a five minute clip and put it onto one of the three sites. As a result of that, they had 12 million views of that five-minute clip within the first 10 days. We surrounded that clip with links back to, and then those people came to to watch the movie, which equated to $500,000 in sales.”

Actress and model Jasmine Waltz who released her sex tape Real Jasmine for Exquisite in 2011 claimed, “Vivid told me they would give $125,000 and 25 percent of the back end, all the sales that are made. Basically, you’ll never see the back end after advertisement. You won’t get the money. It’s a very untrustworthy business.”

Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana Fishburne, received pretty good sales for her tape worth $60, 000 but did not get 70 percent of the tape sales.

Moreover, the reason why porn stars earn less and less lately is because their videos are now available online and customers need not to buy DVD tapes just to watch it. In the mid-2000's, stars earned over $15 billion but with the proliferation of online media, it has shrunk to only between $5 billion and $10 billion.

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Sex tape Star Farrah Abraham receives $10 000 not $1 Million