Rich Babies: Top 10 Celebrity Baby Birthday Parties

When your parents are rich and famous, they often get carried away when it comes to celebrating milestones such as birthdays, and some celebrities are downright ridiculous when it comes to throwing parties for their children. We have all heard about extravagant sweet sixteen parties that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but a baby’s first birthday? Really? Most of us were lucky to get a cake and a few minor gifts, or maybe our cousin dressed up as a party clown. But, not these kids. Their parents shelled out large for costly parties with lots of things to do and delicious things to munch on. Let’s count down the most over-the-top, ridiculous celebrity baby birthdays and while we’re at it, get green with envy.


10  10. P!nk and Willow


Pink took birthday celebrations to the next level for her daughter, Willow's 2nd birthday. Not only was the party Seasme Street themed but it was actually attended by real live, costumed Seasme Street characters. Celebrity guests included Selma Blair and Sandra Bullock and their adorable children. The party was undoubtedly an overload of cuteness. Willow sure knows how to throw a party. We wonder what her birthdays will look like as she gets older?

9 Usher and Naviyd


Usher threw son, Naviyd, an Aladdin themed birthday party. It sounds almost like it was even better than the movie itself, if that is even possible. The party featured magic carpet seating, camel rides, face painting and henna tattoos. Pretty heavy duty for a 1st birthday party, especially considering that the tot will probably not remember such an epic day. The amazing birthday party sets the bar high for future birthdays to come. Time will tell if this celebration is to be topped!

8 Britney Spears and Jayden and Preston


Britney Spears is no stranger to crazy, or over-the-top lavish parties, so it comes as no surprise that she threw her boys Jayden and Preston an all-out bash. When it comes to gifts, the celebrity mega star didn't skimp out and bought her boys matching motorized mini trucks with personalized licence plates, and air fresheners. The trucks were nicer than some of the real vehicles that some people drive. The whole party was truck themed, right down to the birthday cake. Talk about lucky kids! Their party was attended by such celebrity royalty such as Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and Gavin, and of course, their adorable little kiddies.

7 Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope


Kourtney Kardashian. Need I say more? Kardashian decided that her daughter, Penelope needed a big bash to celebrate turning one year old. In true Kardashian style, she went wild and crazy with a garden party fit for a royal princess. The party featured a piglet dressed as a unicorn. That’s right, a unicorn. The reality star also brought in a huge pink and white balloons that cost $150/balloon. Again, that’s $150 per balloon, for over 30 balloons. The party was held at Kris Jenner’s LA mansion and was attended by most of the Kardashian clan. What a lucky kid to have such a loving mom.

6 Gwen Stefani and Kingston Rossdale

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Kingston Rossdale, the son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, celebrated his 4th birthday in style. Would you expect anything less from Gwen Stefani? The tots birthday was attended by Kate Beckinsdale, as well as the Beckham brood. The party cost a cool $15 000 and featured a bouncy castle, balloon artists, a face painter and live super hero characters. The party was attended by 100 of little Kingston’s friends and they chowed down on burgers, hot dogs, quesidillas, tacos and chicken fingers. Sounds like a menu fit for childhood royalty. Most of us are lucky to just get hot dogs and face paint.

5 Tori Spelling and Stella


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermot threw their daughter, Stella a Barbie themed birthday. These two are no strangers to epic birthday parties for their kids, and some say the photo ops that come with these parties. In fact, some of her friends boycotted a birthday party because they claim they were filmed for her reality TV show without their knowledge. Most of the Spelling baby parties make it onto crazy celebrity kids party lists. This one is no exception with features like a lady bug insect zoo, cookie decorating, create your own potted plant crafts, pony rides and a live performance by kiddy band, Jumpitz. Regardless of what people think, Tori pulls out all the stops when it comes to her kids and their birthday parties.

4 Taylor Armstrong and Kennedy


Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills threw her daughter a $60,000 tea party birthday, at the Houdini Mansion in Beverly Hills for her birthday. The tea party was fit for royalty and came complete with expensive china cups, floating tea pots and gorgeous flowers. Armstrong is famous for throwing fancy celebrity affairs, so it’s not shocking that she would take her flair for extravagant and her love of attention and turn it on for her daughter's special day. Armstrong has told reporters that she threw an over-the-top party for her kid because people expect that sort of over-the-top behavior from a real housewife.


3 Victoria Beckham and children

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Victoria Beckham is ultra-famous for being fashionable and trendy. Even her kids are known for being tiny trendsetters, so it’s no surprise that not one but three of her kids make this list. The Beckham’s shelled out $187,000 on a custom built play house for Brooklyn’s birthday, even though they already have a playhouse on their property. They also hosted a party at Hollywoods’ Extreme Martial Arts World Headquarters for Cruz when he turned 5. He showed up in an Optimus Prime costume. Let’s not forget Romeo Beckham's celebrity birthday with guests like Heidi Klum, Gavin and Gwen. Celebs with kids stick together and they frequent each other’s parties. In this case, it seems like the gorgeous people stick together.

2 Beyonce and Blue Ivy


Beyonce is royalty and the world’s biggest diva spares NO expenses when it comes to her baby girl. In fact, Princess Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday was all over-the-top. Her parents rented out a tropical paradise in the Miami Zoo for the celebration. Then comes the gifts. The wonderful gifts. Every little girl dreams of getting a pony for her birthday, but Blue Ivy actually got a horse for her birthday from her parents. The tot is no stranger to fancy and expensive gifts, but a horse!? The horse is rumored to have cost $75,000 because it is a pure bred Arabian suitable for equestrian competitions. What a lucky girl.

1 Katie Holmes and Suri

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Suri Cruise is almost as famous, and just as good looking, as her celebrity parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Suri’s second birthday cost more than some people make in an entire year. When you are rich and famous and you have a kid, you blow mad amounts of cash on them and that’s just what Cruise and Holmes did. For Suri’s second birthday they spent $100,000 on celebrations, shelling out $17,000 on fresh cut flowers and $45,000 for catering by Wolfgang Puck and over $5000 on cakes and cupcakes. Which begs the question, was the party for Suri or was it an opportunity for the Cruise family to show off? The theme was butterflies and they filled a room with 1000 live butterflies, which is pretty awesome. As far as it goes, Suri’s second birthday fits the profile of legendary. If her second birthday is any indication, her recent 5th birthday party, which was tea party themed, was probably just as epic and cost a cool $20,000.


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