Pricey Celebrity Bar Tabs

Celebrities are adored by owners of ritzy nightclubs, not only because there presence attracts the business of hundreds of customers and grants the club a reputation as a prestigious hot spot, but also because of the personal bar tabs these famous and fortunate people can accumulate in just one lavish night out on the town. London, Las Vegas, New York, anywhere; stars have no challenge compiling a tab so high it could pay for the college education of a small village. But these celebrities work hard to keep us entertained, and the least they deserve is a wild night we can all read about.

10 Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro – Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV - $11, 000

Unlike the other celebrities whose bills gradually accumulated as the night progressed, Ronnie from Jersey Shore was treated to $11, 000 of alcohol before he, his girlfriend, manager, and six friends even arrived at the club. The best part about this event is that Jet Nightclub ended up paying for the $11,000 “starter kit” of booze for his 25th birthday, which included 2 magnums of Grey Goose, valued at $925 each, and 5 magnums of Don Perignon, valued at $1875 a piece. It’s no wonder the Jersey Shore cast have adopted Las Vegas as their new favourite party spot; especially if drinks are complimentary on a regular basis!

9 DeSean Jackson – The Colony in Los Angeles, CA - $25, 000

American football icon for the Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson, is not so modest about the large salary he earns for being a professional athlete. Instead, DeSean Tweeted about his monetary excesses spent at The Colony in Los Angeles, racking up a grand total of $25,000. A copy of the receipt showed how much DeSean spent in his first 17 minutes at the club; $10, 335.82. Twenty five grand bought the all-star a generous amount of over-priced alcohol including, 4 large bottles of Ace of Space champagne, 3 large bottles of Grey Goose and 2 bottles of Patron Silver. Needless to say the bar tab also bought him a large audience of “cocktail diggers”.

8 Mark Cuban- LIV Nightclub- Miami, FL - $110, 000

Following their winning game it the 2011 NBA Championship, the Dallas Mavericks were treated to a six-figure celebration worth $110, 000 at LIV Nightclub inside Miami’s Fountainbleu Hotel by their very generous, billionaire owner, Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban is an American entrepreneur and the owner of several businesses including the Mavericks, Magnolia Pictures, and Landmark Theaters, which contribute to his net worth of $2.3 billion. The team celebrated for four hours after the game until 5am, with a majority of their tab being derived from a 15L bottle of an Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar champagne. In addition to the grand total, Cuban showed his appreciation to LIV by leaving a benevolent tip of $20, 000.

7 Zac Effron – Board Room Nightclub, Chicago, IL - $135,000

During a night out visiting Board Room Nightclub in downtown Chicago, although Zac himself did not spend the whopping total of $135, 000, he was treated to a $100, 000 bottle of Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Champagne by the son of a Russian billionaire, who was starstuck to be in Effron’s presence. In addition to his highly generous gift, the Russian man also spent $12,500 on his own table, which included two magnums of Grey Goose, two Magnums of Don Perignon, four bottles of Cristal, and three magnums of Laurent-Perrier Brut Rose. The Nebuchadnezzar is the most expensive commodity available on the Board Room’s bottle service menu. Other Large Format bottle service selections range from $900- $8,500.

6 Boston Bruins- MGM Grand in Mashantucket, CN - $156, 679

After the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Canucks  in June 2011 , their first time winning since 1972, six of their players accompanied by a large entourage went out to MGM Grand in Mashantucket to celebrate their victory. The $156, 679 bar tab included one bottle of Bacardi Rum, one bottle of Ciroc, and 136 Bud Lights.

These alcohols accounted for a fraction of the total tab, as the real splurge was spent on a 30 liter Midas bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne. One of the players was caught on camera drinking the ostentatious beverage straight out their new prize possession, the Stanley cup.

5 LeBron James – XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV - $170, 000

Who says professional athletes get paid too much? The Miami Heat’s star basketball player, LeBron James obviously thinks that a $17 million a year salary is enough to justify a $170, 000 bar tab for one in Sin City. In one night at XS Nightclub, the athlete spent what would work out to be about four days’ pay for him, although it is ­­­more than 3.5 times the average $48, 250 annual salary for Canadians. LeBron’s astronomical bar tab included such luxury drinks as 33 bottles of Cristal, valued at over $285 Canadian each, six bottles of Patron Tequila, and a magnum of Grey Goose vodka. In addition, another 6 liter bottle of Cristal was ordered, one of Dom Perignon, and 12 Bud Lights. The tab included nearly $13, 000 in taxes. No doubt the all-star also left a generous tip to compliment his evening’s spending.

4 Drake – Tryst at The Wynn  in Las Vegas, NV - $189, 375

Drake threw a “Welcome Home” bash for Lil Wayne after his release from jail, which they celebrated at The Wynn resort in Las Vegas. The rapper spent a generous $189, 375.98 on his celebrity mentor, which covered gratuity fees of $29, 581.20. The receipt from Tryst included four 15L bottles of Veuve Cliqout Yellow Label, valued at $25, 000 each, 16 bottles of Dom Perignon, 55 bottles of Grey Goose, and an excessive amount of additional liquor and beverages. Nothing makes it rain for Weezy like love from Drizzy.

3 Miami Heat- LIV Nightclub- Miami, FL - $200,000

After beating the Oklahoma City Thunder at their first NBA championship in June 2012, Miami Heat managed to rack up a $200, 000 bar tab at Fountainbleu’s LIV Nightclub in their hometown, Miami. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, other Heat players, as well as the team’s owner, Mickey Arison, and coach Eric Spoelstra, partied from 2:30 until 6am on the morning of Friday, June 22nd, after celebrating and ordering bottles all night long. The tab included 33 bottles of Cristal, a magnum of Grey Goose Vodka, a 6L bottle of Dom Perignon, and at least one bottle of the infamous Ace of Spades super-magnum sized champagne, costing $75, 000 a bottle. The Heat’s goal was to exceed the bar tab of the past year’s champion team, the Dallas Mavericks (#8 on the list).

2 Jay Z – Barclays Center Private Lounge in New York City, NY - $250,000

Maybe this quarter-million dollar bar tab is justifiable, given it was spent at a Coldplay concert on New Year’s Eve. Jay Z shelled out $250, 000 on his friends at the Barclay Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, which he part owns.

The celebration took place in a private lounge known as “The Vault”, which had been especially decorated for the event, and even featured a wall covered in bottles of Armand De Brignac Brut Gold Champange. The celebrity’s additional big spendings included a 30 liter Miad bottle of Armand De Brignac, carried to the lounge by the strength of two men.

1 Don Johnson – One4One Nightclub in London, England - $274, 232

If you aren’t already familiar with the name, Don Johnson is the CEO of Heritage Development from Wyoming, and a famed blackjack mastermind. The celebrity gambler reportedly took down several Atlantic City casinos for $15 million in blackjack winnings. Don shelled out $274, 232 during his trip to London, England in one night at the One4One nightclub.

His largest expense was a 30 liter jug of Armand De Brignac Midas Champange which he used to soak the club’s party goers ; the bottle alone weighs 100 lbs and cost Don $192, 036.

The 21 player’s final bill also included a bottle of Armand De Brignac Methuselah for $40, 000, Don Perignon for $1,200, a magnum of Grey Goose for $672, as well as a 15% service charge of $35, 902. Looks like London must have fallen in love with the American party animal that night!

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