Post IPO Twitter CoFounder Moving to Billionaire Status

For those who are looking to become self made millionaires, or even billionaires, the co-founder of Twitter, has shown that the online realm is the way to reach this potential. Not only has the co-founder been listed as entering into billionaire status, but the young company, and his short online career, have pushed him to the top much faster than other celebrities who have attained such a status.

Although the reports are claiming that he will soon move to this realm of earnings, Twitter has stated that it is still too early to determine what the new marketing strategies are going to do for the company, and whether or not the new advertising mediums that were recently introduced are going to provide the boost needed, to realize the profits the company is hoping for. Either way, he will attain such status soon enough, and far quicker than other billionaires in the world were able to do.

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Post IPO Twitter CoFounder Moving to Billionaire Status