Paris Hilton gets $880 000 for Participation in Bulgarian Celebrity Big Brother

Paris Hilton joined Bulgaria’s VIP brother.

The socialite hotel heir earned $880,000 by spending a few hours in the 2013 Bulgarian Celebrity Big Brother, as reported by French newspaper “Le Monde.”  The information came from Bulgarian journalist Ahileas Lilov who received a copy of the article from his friends in France.

"Whoever does not believe, should take a look at the title. The French wondered how this could happen in poor Bulgaria " Lilov said.

This was also confirmed by Paris who told reporters, “I will be staying in Sofia for several days. It is my first time in Bulgaria and I am very excited to be here.” Hitlon arrived in Sofia with 21-year-old beau River Viieroi and the both of them would live together in the Bulgarian version of Celebrity Big Brother - VIP Brother. The series premiered last September 15.

The 31-year old television personality, entrepreneur, model and fashion designer is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels. She also owns the Paris Hilton Entertainment company. Her perfume line reportedly amassed $1.5 billion in sales. Every year, Hilton earns over $10 million from her product sales and is paid for $300,000 for her appearances in clubs, parties and events.

Paris is set to release a new album on October 1. She also hinted of opening a branch of her clothing line in Bulgaria.

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Paris Hilton gets $880 000 for Participation in Bulgarian Celebrity Big Brother