Pamela Anderson Running to Help Raise $500 000

One of the most well-known celebrities, namely for her beach body, Pamela Anderson, will be taking part in the NYC marathon this year. She is running in an attempt to raise a $500,000 target, in order to help her close friend Sean Penn, and his J/P, Haitian Relief Organization.

At 46 years of age, she has decided to take on the challenge of running the 26 mile race, in an attempt to not only help raise awareness for the organization and Penn's work that he does for the organization, but also to obviously bring in a half million dollars for the organization as well.

Stating that she was in Haiti, shortly after the earthquake, she visited the J/P organization when it was just getting underway. She believes it is a great cause, and is hoping that her participation in the race will elicit donations, which will then be sent over to the Haitian organization.

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Pamela Anderson Running to Help Raise $500 000