Mutual Fund Billionaire Gifts Yale with $250 Million

The mutual fund billionaire, Charles B. Johnson, has recently made a very generous gift donation to Yale, in the form of $250 million dollars. According to the university's president, it was stated on Monday that this was the largest donation and the largest gift that the institution has ever received, through any source or other organization.

As retired chairman of Franklin Resources, Mr Johnson was a member of the class of 1954 which graduated from the prestigious institution. Although he has made quite a few donations to the university over the years, this last donation is meant to go towards building and developing. Two new residential colleges are set to be built at Yale, and this donation is going to provide the funding that is required for the project. Although his surname is already well known around Yale campus, this donation is likely to make it even more recognized by students, faculty, and staff.

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Mutual Fund Billionaire Gifts Yale with $250 Million