Million Dollar Celebrity Dollar Wardrobes

When we can’t shop, the stores are filled with items we’d love to buy. The perfect dress, shoes, blouse or pants are everywhere, never to be actually purchased. And the opposite is true too. When it’s finally time to get out there and re-up our wardrobe our favourite stores seem to only stock boring pants and bad t-shirts.

Making it big means stepping out of this fashion holding pattern and into the shops, boutiques and couture houses that fit personal style anytime at any price. Huge success in the entertainment business means a huge wardrobe and fabulous custom made closet to hold it all. For celebrities, visions of walls filled with shoes, racks of dresses and rows of designer bags abound. The fashion world is their oyster and the style possibilities are endless for these celebrities who just can’t hold back when it comes to their fashion addiction.


6 Beyoncé Knowles

Though we always know it’s her, Beyoncé can transform her look at the drop of a hat. We’ve seen her embody street style, casual beach wear, State dinner attire and red carpet glam each with a narrative all their own. And it comes as no surprise that the pop star’s hair is a key element in each of these transformations.

Beyoncé has an estimated net worth of $350 million and she spares no expense to get her look and her hair just right no matter the occasion. This soulful singer is rumored to own an astonishing $1 million in wigs each available to complement her Avant Garde style at a moment’s notice.

Her hand made head pieces are constructed using real human hair and are stored in a climate-controlled closet to keep them shining in tact. This collection of wigs is so important to Beyoncé that she reportedly had it valued at mint and fully insured. These custom made pieces cost up to $10,000 each and must keep pace with the singers ever changing looks. As if we didn’t love her enough, Beyoncé makes a point donating wigs she no longer uses to women currently undergoing chemotherapy.

No we have not forgotten about her expensive taste in fashion, from $769 Stella McCartney Gold Lamé Pants to $100,000 Balenciaga golden leggings, Beyonce's taste in clothing and in gold is nothing short of extravagant.

5 Mariah Carey


A long way from her birthplace of Long Island New York, Mariah has just released her 14th studio album and is enjoying the spoils of more than 20 years as a top earning Diva. Despite her dismal season as a judge on American Idol, Carey remains a chart topping powerhouse with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

Mariah is no stranger to extravagant Diva behavior and its no secret the multi octave singer has very expensive taste. Whether she’s renting a private island from Richard Branson or buying her husband a brand new Rolls Royce, Mariah is ready to spend and her wardrobe is no exception.

To accommodate her shoe and clothing collection, the multiple Grammy winner had a custom built closet installed in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan apartment. The massive climate controlled space is accented with gold leaf wooden floors mimicking Louis Vuitton luggage. The room could easily be confused with an extravagant estate in Versailles and contains only a portion of Carey’s shoe collection. A mere 1,000 pairs ranging in cost from $500 to $10,000 each are organized by style and colour under romantic chandelier lighting while the B-Team shoes are in storage awaiting the red carpet call from Mariah herself.

4 Kimora Lee Simmons

At the tender age of 14, Kimora Lee Simmons signed and exclusive modeling contract with Chanel. Barely a teenager she found herself working alongside Karl Lagerfeld and closing major runway shows in Paris and around the world. But this beauty is not without brains. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has worked her way up to fashion designer and CEO over the years.

Worth an estimated $50 million, Simmons has headed up the Baby Phat and KLS fashion brands and continues to thrive as Creative Director and President in the luxury brand world.

One look at the supermodel turned CEO’s closet, and it’s clear she knows a thing or two about fashion. After having her closet built to resemble an upscale fashion boutique, Simmons set about filling the shelves with her 35 custom made Hermès Birkin bags ranging in price from $20,000 to $80,000 each, a collection of jewellery and some 500 plus pairs of designer jeans. Shoes and boots are organized by style and colour and the space features a mini-bar and flat screen TV. An organized businesswoman at heart, Kimora has had each item in the closet is phographed and catalogued on her computer for easy dressing.

3 Patricia Field for Sex and the City 2


It’s true that Sex and the City 2 was released nearly four years ago but fans of the franchise still can’t let go of the New York foursome and their fierce fashions. Despite the time that has passed since the sequel hit theatres, we are still talking about the massive wardrobe budget that made the film a fashion feast for the eyes.

Throughout the movies and TV run, Sex and the City relied on fashion stylist and icon Patricia Field to procure and finesse the signature look for each character. Field, a pioneer of the styling world decided that for Sex and the City 2 it was time to go all out allegedly spending an unfathomable $10 million on clothes and accessories for the movie. For the story’s central character, Carrie Bradshaw, Patricia Field scheduled more than 41 costume changes that would see the character sporting everything from Dior, to Alexander McQueen to a pair of $4,000 jeans and $47,000 Chanel dress. According to lead actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) Patricia’s insight into the characters and their style is “indispensible” and her ability to mix high and low end pieces is the stuff of global trend setting

2 Suri Cruise

One of the most famous kids in the world, Suri Cruise is the beautiful, fashionable daughter of now divorced Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. In her short seven years on this earth this little girl has become something of a fashion icon inspiring several Suri-centric fashion blogs, Facebook fan pages and Instagram accounts. Not even in double digits yet and this tiny fashionista is rumored to be launching her very own fashion line. Throughout her life her parents have spared no expense to make the world’s littlest (former?) Scientologist feel she has everything she could ever need.

A recent profile of the youngest Cruise revealed her designer wardrobe, which includes pieces from Marc Jacobs and Gucci estimating her entire complete collection to be worth around $7 million.

Suri and her mom have been spotted on hours long shopping sprees around Manhattan during which the Broadway star parades her daughter from store to store buying her every item she wants. Once they arrive back home to their LA mansion, Suri’s latest additions are organized in her massive closet located within her very own wing of the family mansion. While playing dress up in her wing, the tiny diva also has access to a full time, on-call chef and personal home cinema so she can relax between bouts of playing dress-up.

1 Kylie Jenner


Keeping up with this Jenner is just as hard as keeping up with the rest of the Kardashians. This teenage brand ambassador for Seventeen Magazine is an up and coming model and fashionista whose face is quickly becoming as recognizable as her famous sisters’. A budding fashion designer, Kylie recently released her own fashion line with sister Kendall. The two young sisters and their closet have appeared HGTVs ‘Million Dollar Closets’. The show follows the then 13 year old as she builds the closet of her dreams, which includes a space for her massive shoe collection (especially her favourite House of Harlow sandals), a customized jewellery cabinet and a place for two $1,500 Balenciaga Bags in pink and black. It takes more than a weekly allowance to make all that happen.

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