Maybach Music Group to bet $120 000 on Basketball Game

Members of the popular Maybach Music Group recently bet $120,000 on a basketball shootout contest. The event took place in the Atlanta mansion of hip hop star Rick Ross. The bet was over a free throw shooting contest between members of the group. The event was actually filmed and posted online for fans to watch. Many were surprised at the stakes of the contest, but members of the group stated that the money was no issue to them. They simply wanted to enjoy the chance to gamble with this kind of cash.

This isn't the first time that these prominent hip hop stars have publicly bet large stakes on a game. Rick Ross won $1 million in a game of dice from Diddy, who later posted about the result. This new free throw shooting contest featured a competitive wager placed after the end of each round. If you watch the clip online, you can see the pot growing in size over time. Some of the stars mentioned that they were playing for more than just money, since bragging rights were on the line too.

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Maybach Music Group to bet $120 000 on Basketball Game