Jennifer Lopez Perfume

Jennifer Lopez is smelling sweet with success!

An American TV personality, actress, dancer, fashion designer and entrepreneur with a net worth of $250 million, she generates more money from her fragrance business than from her music.


According to reports, in her 10-year perfume sales, she has earned £50 million, claiming the queen of the perfume industry crown.

She surpassed fellow global stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna.

Banking £30 million a year, she was declared by Forbes' Celebrity 100 in 2012 as the highest earning female celebrity in the world.

J Lo debuted with her first fragrance “Glow” in 2002. Becoming an instant best-seller, the bottle shape resembles J Lo’s voluptuous figure.

Her first fragrance for men “Deseo” was introduced in 2008.

And last year, she launched her new fragrance “Glowing,” an evolution for “Glow” that she created 10 years ago. Always passionate about creating scents, Lopez describes “Glowing” as clean, natural and earthy. Glowing’s new illuminating fragrance bottle glows with each use.


Her other scents are “Forever Glowing,” inspired by J Lo’s inner beauty and vibrant confidence; “Love and Glamous ,” just like her glamour and alluring beauty on screen; “Live,” as she likes challenges, she dares and shedreams; “La Glow,” inspired by a magical moment where your 15 minutes of fame will never end; and “Still,” a scent that captures the way a woman fells when she has discovered herself.

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Jennifer Lopez Perfume