J.K. Rowling Makes a $16 Million Donation

J. K. Rowling once had a net worth of $1 billion that landed her in Forbes, but her generous donations have changed things for her. Along with paying high taxes in Great Britain, this famous author has also donated an estimated $160 million to charities that she cares deeply for. This has caused her to lose her billionaire status, but she is not at all concerned about that.

She's stated that she plans on giving to charities that she cares about. These charities are for organizations that give to single parent families and so that kids can get a good education. Rowling also founded a charity in Eastern Europe named Lumos. She was once an unemployed single mother herself, so she understands what less fortunate families are going through and wants to help them out. She will continue to donate throughout her life and plans on giving most of her riches to charities when she passes.

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J.K. Rowling Makes a $16 Million Donation