How Do Billionaires Vacation?

The notion about how too much work can lead a person to becoming dull is actually a matter of fact. And that is why even the richest people around the globe, the billionaires do not deprive themselves from taking vacations despite their overly busy schedules. But with the ultimately higher status of their lives, have you ever questioned yourself: how do billionaires vacation? The first thought that comes to mind is wealthy people playing golf. But in reality, there are so many more options, beach vacations, touring the globe, shutting down theme parks..endless options.

Some of the billionaires of the world choose to go with the ordinary while others go the extra mile for experiences that only they can uptake. Amazingly enough, most of the famous billionaires are known for their wacky or queer or spontaneous ways of splurging for pastimes. Here are ten of the most prominent billionaires and a glimpse of what they do out of their extra time and money.

10 Mark Zuckerberg

Founder of Facebook and one of the youngest billionaires across the U.S, Mark Zuckerberg ensures that he gives a yearly visit to Pune, India where he can lay to rest at the Osho International Meditation Resort. His first experience there was when he got an invite for a friend's wedding. And then he fell in love with the place and thought it be best to make it his ground zero for his desire to come check out the different cities nearby. He did not really disclose the amount he usually expends in every visit, but basing on the expensive premium per head rates of the place and the frequent travels, more or less he spends at least 95,000 USD on a 3-day stay along two of his Facebook staff and his wife including meal expenses, auto rental services and other amenities they avail.

9 Charles Simonyi

Charles Simonyi has been on the Forbes list of billionaires since 2007. It was a time when he first had a trip to space, followed by another one in 2009. And in order to do that, a person has to at least be a multimillionaire like Dennis Tito back in 2001, who unfortunately lost a big amount of his riches because of too much curiosity about what's outside the world. MSN Money claims that Simonyi spends at least 40 million USD for a single space trip. He also calls it a way to repay himself for all the charity work he's been doing.

8 Tom Perkins

7 Bill Koch

With his fascination to the Wild West setting, Bill Koch along with the support of his brothers decided to put up his fantasies to reality. Back in 2010, Koch had initially spent 4 million USD to begin the project. Right now, its latest developments in Gunnison County, Colorado sums up to 30 million with Koch leaving a 130 million escrow for further progressions of the project.

It has 50 buildings comprised of a church, jail, firehouse, stores, rental buildings, a preschool and elementary schools and a couple others. With the total landscape being 6,400 acres and the functional elements it is incorporated with, the state of Colorado has finally announced it to be town of its own.

6 Zhen Low

Malaysian billionaire, Zhen Low, met with Winston Fisher, the real estate legend of New York, at the Les Caves du roy nightclub in France back in 2010. The boys were having fun, perhaps too much fun they decided to see who could consume the most number of Champagne bottles. That night alone, Low having been beaten spent over 2 million Euros or approximately 2.6 million USD for a sheer battle of drinking. That sum wasn't merely for the drinks, but also to cover some of the damages done by other people two of the elites got involved into the drinking battle. 

5 Sheikh Al Nayan

While Sean Parker's wedding peaked the 10 million dollar brim, Sheikh Al Nayan with a net worth of 18 billion USD spent 100 million USD for a truly royal wedding March 21st of this year. The event ran for seven days with the necessary rites involved. Other entities of the higher hierarchies, the Deputy Prime Minister and Supreme Commander also had their part throughout the conclusion of the event. The costing reached 100 million due to the fact that decided it to be a way of granting the vacation feel to its participants, which includes the Sheikh himself.

4 Jeff Bezos

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos had a hard time looking for something new to do last year. And that is how he came up with a brilliant that will materialize his soul to eternity after his passing -- to build a gigantic immortal clock.

He spent most of his leisure trying to come up with the best mechanisms in a cave desert where the 10,000 year clock is set to be finished. The work in progress will chime each year, decade, century for the next 10 millennia. His legacy will live through this 42 million USD project.

3 Mark Cuban

Better known as The Maverick, Mark Cuban recently bought a jet online that cost 40 million USD. He uses it every time he goes to a big sports event like the NBA championships and NFL annual league games.

And recently, he paid for the NBA's victorious parade as well as all of the champagne it consumed. Since 1999, Cuban has been collecting jets that he finds exceptional and the first one he bought is only a little bit cheaper than the fairly expensive one he bought last year.

2 Al Corbi

Al Corbi finally took his vacation residence to a whole new level of home security. He spent over 100 million USD just to have a keyless entry through biometric recognition and fully fortify the vicinity from calamities by steel reinforcement and concrete caissons for earthquake resistance. There's also the panic suite that's ballistics-proof for an absolute safe core in case anything goes wrong in his vacations. On top of it all, Corbi doesn't claim himself to be paranoid of the troubles his wealth may serve him. He does it for the sheer purpose of making his vacation home a total investment and a safekeeping for his family in difficulty times inflicted by the power of Mother Nature. 

1 Truett Cathy

Truett Cathy who happens to be 87 years old and the chairman and founder of Chick-fil-A has a profound fascination toward not only expensive, but seemingly fictional cars. In every interim, he roams around one city to another to personally hunt for cars that may resonate with his automotive preferences. He owns a 1916 Model T, 1960 Cadillac Eldorado and a 1949 Buick Series. He even has three limousines, three fire trucks, a "Days of Thunder" race car. And recently, he bought the ultimate "Batman Returns" Batmobile. He spent 250,000 million USD for the authentic piece of automotive designed and contrived by the Tim Burton team.

That concludes our list. Sure, lots of wealthy people tend to be frugal so as to not compromise their holdings. But these top ten people on our lists surely keeps away from that reality and lead a better, spontaneous life knowing that they only get to live it once.

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