Hollywood's 10 Most Inglorious Actors

In Hollywood terms, nothing says proficiency in your field like the number and quality of awards you boast. From Golden Globes to Oscars, most movie stars, producers and directors want to acquire as many awards as  possible, in order to prove their talent and secure their places in Hollywood history. However, in a sea of prestigious trophies, there's one that nobody wants to get: the Golden Raspberry Award.

More commonly known as "the Razzies", the Golden Raspberry Awards were created on a satirical whim in 1981 by John J. B. Wilson, an American publicist. On the night of the Academy Awards, Wilson and his friends decided to come up with their own award categories and assign winners to each one. The joke was picked up by an L.A. newspaper, and so the fledgling Razzie awards began. Over the years the "awards" were made formal, growing to include ballots and trophies shaped like a giant raspberry. The Razzies are announced on the eve of the Oscars, and stand as the self-effacing antithesis of the self-congratulation that goes on among the Academy members, and as a reminder that everybody is capable of producing less than impressive work from time to time. Some winners have had an unfortunate spell of bad movies choices, some have consistently repelled critics; the following list rounds up the ten well-known actors and actresses who have been awarded or nominated for the greatest number of Razzies since the inception of the notorious anti-awards.

10 Sandra Bullock

At number ten is Sandra Bullock, who has only one Razzie to her name, but who boasts the impressive claim of receiving a Razzie and an Oscar in the same week. In 2010 Bullock won the Razzie for Worst Actress, pertaining to her performance in the 2009 All About Steve, and went on to win an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for her role in The Blind Side. Bullock was one of the few winners to show up and collect their Razzie in person, and took it all in good humour, even handing out copies of All About Steve to members of the audience, so that they could judge for themselves whether she really was as bad as she was thought to be.

9 Jenny McCarthy

8 Jennifer Lopez

Another Jenny, this one From The Block, is at number eight. Jennifer Lopez is a pop singer and actress hybrid, and roles she's landed in the course of her acting career have led to her starring alongside well-respected professionals. However, this hasn't made Lopez immune to her share of negative press, as evidenced by her accumulation of Razzies; she was nominated as Worst Supporting Actress for her performance in Monster-in-Law. She has won two Razzies to date, both for her performance in Gigli: one for Worst Actress, and one for Worst Screen Couple, the latter which she shared with Ben Affleck.

7 Eddie Murphy

At number seven is Eddie Murphy, who has to date won three Razzies and has been nominated for twelve. His performance as the title role of Norbit and his screenplay for Harlem Nights won him Razzies for Worst Actor in 2007 and Worst Screenplay in 1990 respectively. He was also awarded the dubious honour of Worst Actor of the Decade in 2010 thanks to his numerous nominations over the years, and probably largely as a result of his having won three different Razzies for his performance in Norbit alone.

6 Kevin Costner

At number six is actor and producer Kevin Costner, who has won three Razzies for Worst Actor over the course of his career. The first, in 1992, was for his performance in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the second in 1994 for Wyatt Earp and the third in 1998 for The Postman. Costner has also won numerous Razzies for direction and production, as well as receiving a nomination for Worst Actor of the Century in the year 2000.

5 Ben Affleck

At number five is two time Oscar winner Ben Affleck. He won an unfortunate three Razzies in 2004 for Worst Actor in Daredevil, Gigli and Paycheck, all cringeworthy flops released in 2003. The following year saw him nominated for two more, this time for his performances in Jersey Girl and Surviving Christmas. Affleck has had a total of nine nominations and three wins over the space of ten years. He has, over the course of his career, also been nominated for two Worst On Screen Couple awards with his one-time girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, which probably didn't bode well for their relationship. Affleck has bounced back from his career's awkward mid-noughties era, and has been Razzie-free since '05 - although his mistakes came back to haunt him when he was nominated, in 2010, for the Worst Actor of the Decade award.

4 Bo Derek

Actress and producer Bo Derek is the fourth most inglorious actor in the Razzie hall of fame. She's won four Razzies specifically pertaining to her work as a performer rather than as a producer; she won Worst Actress for Tarzan, the Ape ManBolero and Ghosts Can't Do It within the space of a decade, and also won the Razzie for Worst Actress of the Decade in the year 1990. She shares a Sour Apple award, courtesy of the Golden Apple Awards, with her husband John Derek, awarded to the pair in 1984. Sour Apples are traditionally awarded to the least-cooperative actor or actress, but can also be given to those who present the poorest image of Hollywood.

3 Adam Sandler

2 Madonna

The formidable musician and dubious actress Madonna is at number two. While her music career has proved her a tour de force as a singer and brought her an enormous amount of fame worldwide, her contribution to the film industry is a different story entirely. She has won a total of six Worst Actress Razzies, including Worst Actress of the Century in 2000, as well as well as winning or being nominated for many others, including Worst Screen Couple, Worst Supporting Actress and Worst New Star of the Decade.

1 Sylvester Stallone

The questionable honour of the number one Razzie winner of all time goes to Sylvester Stallone. Best-known for his roles in the Rocky franchise, Stallone has a huge following and has been nominated for two Oscars over the course of his career. He has also, however, been the unfortunate winner of a staggering nine Razzie awards for Worst Actor, including two for Worst Actor of the Decade and Worst Actor of the Century respectively. He won his first Razzie in 1985 and his nominations have continued into 2014, which shows the impressive longevity of his apparent commitment to bad acting.

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