Highest Paid Celebrities in 2012

When economic difficulties hit the world, these highest paid personalities on movies were busy managing their wealth. Even if people are busy with living their respective live, it can’t still be helpe

When economic difficulties hit the world, these highest paid personalities on movies were busy managing their wealth. Even if people are busy with living their respective live, it can’t still be helped to find out who made the list of Forbes' top 10 highest paid celebrities this year. So, take a deep breath because you will have a thrilling ride as you unleash the names of actors who added million dollars in their financial portfolio.

Their total earnings were computed based on the projects they have acquired from July 2011 to July 2012. But it’s a good idea to learn more about their achievements, stories, and past movies that have contributed in reaching their present stature.

11 10= Robert Pattinson - $26.5 million

Robert Pattinson tied up with his co-Twilight actor Taylor Lautner and both have acquired their wealth from the Twilight saga blockbuster movies. With his recent break-up with his girlfriend who cheated on him, perhaps, Pattinson could find refuge in his earnings. This brokenhearted bachelor has captured the hearts of millions of girls when he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But, his number of fans dramatically increased when he was named Edward Cullen.

10 10= Taylor Lautner - $26.5 million

Best-known as Jacob Black in the Twilight saga, Taylor Lautner got his shares of success really massive. The Rolling Stone, GQ, and People have branded Taylor Lautner as a “sex symbol.” He can effortlessly captivate the heart of a girl and at the same time get the boys’ admiration with his rugged agility. His regular work outs paid off because at present Taylor Lautner and his abs have become world-renowned.

9 Mark Wahlberg - $27 million

Even before Mark Wahlberg’s movie hits and TV shows, he was already a headliner. The star of Planet of the Apes, Rock Star, The Italian Job, The Departed, Shooter, Date Night, and Ted—his most current film, has nothing more to prove if you want a movie to turn into millions of dollars. And for the record, he is also the executive producer of the popular TV series Entourage, How to Make it America, and Boardwalk.

8 Will Smith - $30 million

Some may know him with his stage name: The Fresh Prince, but Will Smith is not just an actor because he also produces films and raps, yes, he raps. In 2007, Will Smith was named the Most Powerful Actor in Hollywood and his legacy in the entertainment industry continues to impress with his numerous blockbuster films.

7 6= Johnny Depp - $30 million

His frequent collaboration with Tim Burton, his close friend and director in eight films has led him to acquiring a massive fortune. The kind of commitment he puts in every project that he does is reflected on his perfect execution of his roles and one of which is being the infamous Jack Sparrow. Hence, there is no wonder that Johnny Depp is considered to be the most loved and effective actors in his lifetime. And if you can add his previous relationships to his credentials, being with Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp gives him more charm.

6 6= Sacha Baron Cohen - $30 million

Directors and producers hire Sacha Baron Cohen if they want an actor who can effortlessly portray an unorthodox fictional character. To name a few of his works as an actor, his striking performance in Ali G, Borat, and Brüno has gained him a number of nominations. Though his life is now filled with many controversies, Sacha Baron Cohen bravely faced the unpleasant comments for the characters that he played.

5 Ben Stiller - $33 million

When determining the gross of his films, everybody is expecting huge amount, and in the end, they aren’t mistaken. Ben Stiller never fails to impress the entire cast, the director, and the producer of every movie he does when it comes to showing versatility and commitment. After all, what can an actor whose every film’s average worth is $73 million has to prove? After all his movies, Ben Stiller will continue to steal the spotlight whenever he takes a comedy film role.

4 Dwayne Johnson - $36 million

Dwayne Johnson’s recognition as “The Rock” led him to acquiring the WWF Championship. With his personality and charm, Dwayne Johnson successfully gained the attraction of his loyal fans. There is no doubt that he is indeed “The People’s Champion” but people were not satisfied with a single nickname and Dwayne Johnson has a list of interesting nicknames as well such as “The Great One,” “The Most Electrifying Man in All Entertainment,” “The Brahma Bull,” “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment,” and more to come.

3 Adam Sandler - $37 million

Adam Sandler and his performance in The Wedding Singer is perhaps the most notable character that he has played. There is no way Adam Sandler will not top box office hits with his successful comedy movies because he is not just your offensive funnyman but your affectionate man of sense of humor. And even if he does “very bad things” to you, you will always go back to movie houses to watch his latest film. His film Don’t Mess with the Zohan is also regarded as one of his most appealing comedic roles.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio - $37 million

Leonardo DiCaprio is definitely having a tough time counting his millions the same way his having a hard time counting his long list of nominations and the successful films he became part of. His role in Titanic movie is definitely his biggest breakthrough and the millions of earnings even doubled, tripled and quadrupled when Titanic embarked a voyage on 3D.

1 Tom Cruise = $75 million

Nothing is now impossible for Tom Cruise now that he tops the list of top 10 highest paid celebrities in 2012. Tom Cruises is always included in a lot of list when it comes to looks, power, and influence. But, is there really a price to pay for every success he gains? The recent issue about his divorce with Katie Holmes is indeed a deep impact to Cruise’s personal life. With roller-coaster-like life story, what is next for Tom Cruise? Even his $75 million can’t fix broken marriage.

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Highest Paid Celebrities in 2012