Mayweather Doubles Up By Betting 5.9M On Heat/Pacers Game

Floyd Mayweather is a guy who succeeds in every sporting activity he is involved. Current statistics show that he is the highest paid athlete in North American games. Floyd Mayweather is expected to earn approximately $90 million within this year, purportedly placed a bet over $5.9 M for game 7 tonight. This event is scheduled to be hosted in Miami at 8:30 p.m. Since it is the final of NBA's Eastern Conference it is a very significant event to this athlete. Frankly, Mayweather has the highest chances of tonight's win.

It is obvious that Mayweather desire is to keep a clear record by achieving is every field. The fact that he is unbeaten in the ring puts him ahead of every possible win.

In the article which was posted in 2012 September, Grantland's Dermot Hunt preformed excellently by breaking mayweather's record at the sportsbook.

During that time, mayweather had tweeted photos of forty six betting slips that had a total of $3,890,833 of bets. He won in every bet thus getting a sum of $3,938,722 plus 87 cents.

Although the article speculates that Maryweather may not be perfect in Vegas sportsbook like he dominated in the ring, he is very optimistic of performing better. He performs well especially in hurling huge cash at the recent Vegas line.

With a suspected amount of about $6 M on the game, Mayweather is likely the man to watch during the Monday night game. If things work well with Miami verses the Placers, he has the highest probability of performing well. The fact that Celebrity Networth places his salary around $140 million, there is no doubt that he still has the potential of outstanding results.

His successful results are determined by his nature. Mayweather believes that he can use his talent to increase his fame. The long awaited game will simply prove if he will still increase his salary in the next few years.

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Mayweather Doubles Up By Betting 5.9M On Heat/Pacers Game