Floyd Mayweather Getting Sued Concerning $80 000 Tickets

Floyd "Money" Mayweather is being sued by White Glove International over some tickets that Mayweather received to the NBA Finals worth $80,000. The tickets cost $25,000 per seat, but Mayweather is also being sued for interest on the unpaid tickets. Mayweather's team and attorneys believe that the tickets were a gift from a promotional team that Mayweather had worked with in the past.

The fact that Mayweather is slated to make $41 million for his fight against Juan Alvarez certainly does make some people wonder why he can't pay for the NBA tickets. The NBA Championship was decided in that seventh game. Attorneys for Mayweather are going to say that he was at the game in order to keep his sport in the news. The attorneys are going to say that Mayweather may very well be the most recognizable face in the world of boxing. The fact that Floyd Mayweather is getting sued for not paying his bill will not have a large impact on his net worth which is $170 million.

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Floyd Mayweather Getting Sued Concerning $80 000 Tickets