Famous People Who Spend Big On Security

Famous people spend big when it comes to security. After all, what good is all of the money and fame if you have to constantly look over your shoulders? Spending on security for a movie or music star

Famous people spend big when it comes to security. After all, what good is all of the money and fame if you have to constantly look over your shoulders? Spending on security for a movie or music star can easily top $1 million, with some A-listers believed to be spending several million dollars per year. This is in addition to the security provided by sponsors at events. CEO's and other business leaders also spend huge sums on security.

Most famous people have converted their houses into literal fortresses. Security cameras, armed guards on patrol, and even finger print readers can be found at many homes. Some also have advanced “safe rooms” that can withstand chemical attacks and explosions. A well-made safe room can easily cost a million dollars or more.

Details on security measures and spending are often kept hush hush, and for good reason. If everyone had access to such information, this could put famous people in danger as assailants may notice weak points. The security industry itself is known for being tight-lipped and highly discrete. Security experts will rarely divulge details because doing so could ruin their reputation and career.

In spite of these challenges, we have compiled a list of some of the biggest spenders on security. Read on to find out who's spending what and what they are spending their money on.

10 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Musician and Socialite

Two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, “Kimye” are also known for their lavish spending. There's the million dollars they reportedly spent on gold plated toilet seats, and the huge fleets of expensive cars, for example. Beyond toys and luxuries, however, Kim and Kanye are very serious about their personal security. Kanye reportedly spends a million dollars a year alone on his daughter, North West. The couple also has numerous armored cars, some of which are believed to cost a million dollars or more. Whenever they appear in public, the couple is guarded by numerous security guards.

9 Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Besides holding the title of the richest man in the world, Bill Gates is also a big spender when it comes to security. His $150 million complex outside of Seattle Washington is reportedly equipped with some of the most advanced security measures in the world. Whenever Mr. Gates travels in public, which is quite frequently, he is escorted by a large security team. After getting hit with a pie in 1999, Mr. Gates has been especially careful when it comes to his security. Trips to developing countries and other dangerous places make it even more difficult to provide Mr. Gates with adequate security.

8 Mike Dell, Founder of Dell Computers

Dell Corporation spends over $1.2 million dollars a year to make sure that its founder, Mike Dell, is safe and secure. While CEO's and business people don't have as much to worry about in regards to crazed fans, they must still take a great deal of care when it comes to their security. CEO's could be targeted by terrorists, protesters, and other parties.

7 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Movie Stars

One of the few couples that can match “Kimye” in regards to star power, “Brangelina” are also known for taking security very seriously. With six kids in their brood, security is essential. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie known for employing highly advanced security measures at their houses, including finger print readers. Reportedly, they favor guards with training from the United Kingdom's famous Special Air Service (SAS). These soldiers are among the most elite in the world.

6 50 Cent, Music Star and Business Man

The famed rapper and business man looks after himself with a large security team. 50 Cent admitted that he spends about 20K a week for security at his mansion in Connecticut alone. If that seems like it's a bit much, it's important to remember that 50 Cent has been shot several times. Now, he's taking no chances when it comes to his life and property.

5 Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

The CEO of Starbucks gets another perk in addition to his salary and bonuses. Starbucks spends nearly $600,000 a year on personal security for the famed CEO. This spending is in addition to the spending Howard Schultz spends at his home. With Starbucks frequently the target of protesters and anarchists, you can't blame the company for wanting to make sure that its founder and CEO is safe and secure at all time.

4 Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle

The Oracle CEO is protected by one of the most advanced and expensive security teams in the world. With over $40 billion dollars in wealth, Larry Ellison could afford to field a small army. Oracle alone spends $1.7 million dollars on security spending for the head man. In addition, Mr. Ellison most likely spends some of his own money on security systems for his home and personal property. Given Mr. Ellison's high public profile and frequent appearances, the compan  is making a wise investment.

3 Leslie Wexner, CEO of Limited Brands

The CEO of Limited Brands corporation, Leslie Wexner, is worth a cool $4.5 billion dollars. In order to make sure that their boss is safe at all times, Limited Brands spends about $1.2 million dollars a year on security. This includes spending on a personal jet and ground transportation. Limited Brands owns many famous retail brands including Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works.

2 Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Amazon is one of the most well-known tech companies in the world and its CEO Jeff Bezos is famous even as far as billionaire CEO's go. Amazon spends about $1.2 million dollars a year on protecting the company's founder. Interestingly, Mr. Bezos collects $1.6 million dollars a year in salary and other bonuses. Most of his wealth stems from his stock in Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers.

1 Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Music Stars

Another star powered couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé take their security seriously. The couple has always been well-guarded but they have recently expanded their security spending by $4 million dollars to add staff and buy additional armored cars. This increase in spending comes after a fan in Brazil jumped on stage and grabbed Beyoncé. Since then, the couple has re-evaluated their security spending.

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Famous People Who Spend Big On Security