Crystal the Monkey Earns $12 000 per Episode

Actors are usually paid very well and this does not apply to just the human actors. Animal actors also get paid very well for their acting. They are trained to recognize visual cues and instructions and act accordingly. Crystal the Monkey, a character in popular movies such as Night at the Museum and The Hangover part II actually earns more than the average person. In each episode of Animal Practice, this monkey was to get an income of $12,000 for every episode or in other words, a whole $264,000 for an entire season.

For a 20 year old monkey, this is quite a handsome amount and even way past what the average human being earns doing a regular job. Crystal the monkey has also been featured in television shows and more than 20 feature films playing various animal roles. Animal characters make movies more interesting and memorable with the talent they display. The legacies and memories they leave behind stays in our minds forever.

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Crystal the Monkey Earns $12 000 per Episode