8Victoria Beckham (Spent $1.6 million in a few hours)

Although Victoria Beckham was already famous before 1999 when she married one of the richest English footballers in the world (David Beckham), it is a fact that she has made most of her millions under her rich

husband’s shadow. Unlike most wives of rich athletes, she stands out the most because of being successful in her own right i.e. as a fashion designer and business woman.  Victoria Beckham makes it to this list for spending $1.6 million in 2010 on a shopping spree that lasted a few hours in boutiques in Milan. Some of the things she bought include; a Louis Vuitton luggage, 12 pairs of sunglasses (Versace), 5 sofas and a Rolex watch worth $632,000 for her husband. This kind of spending may look like a waste of money to most however for the super rich like Victoria Beckham, it doesn’t mean much.

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