Britney Spears Calling Las Vegas Home for $30 Million

Las Vegas, or as you may know it as "Sin City", is home to Garth Brooks, Celine Dion, Cirque De Soleil and now....BRITNEY! Britney Spears recently signed a deal with Planet Hollywood for a 2 year residency. The singer will put on shows for guests on alternating weekends at the newly renovated PH Live Theater at Planet Hollywood. If you're feeling sorry for Britney having to work so hard, just wait until you hear how much she's being paid!

While rumours swirled in January of the mega-star getting paid $100 million for this residency, the numbers are now coming in at $15 million per year. This is still a $30 million contract for the singer, who will enjoy being the face of Planet Hollywood with her fame growing every minute! While the infamous Britney Spears may not be pulling in the $476,000 per show that Celine Dion is, it's still a HUGE deal will make the star bigger than ever.

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Britney Spears Calling Las Vegas Home for $30 Million