Brad Pitt signs $3 Million Cadillac Endorsement in China

Brad Pitt scored a $3 million endorsement deal with Cadillac commercials in China.

The Killing Them Softly star did not receive any Oscar nominations this year but he has agreed to become the spokesperson of Cadillac and be its face in print ads and TV commercials in China.

This was announced days after the actor joined Sina Weibo, China’s own version of Twitter.  He even sent a tweet to verify his account “It is the truth. Yup, I’m coming …,” assumed by many as referring to the Cadillac.

The 49-year-old actor filmed the brand’s first commercial in Los Angeles. In the ads, Pitt is seen driving the large sedan around San Francisco and showing off the CUE infotainment system.

Cadillac aims to boost its sales in China to three times by 2015, targets to sell 100,000 units a year, 10% of China's car market by 2020, expand to two or three cities as well as add a new model every year. The only way to do that is through the help of Brad Pitt.

General Motors (NYSE: GM) sales growth in China was resumed during March. Joint ventures by GM and China caused its sales to rise by $12.6 % in March last year. GM has sold 290,538 cars, which marked its second-highest monthly sales total ever in China, thanks to Brad Pitt. Last year, GM has sold about 30,000 Cadillac in China.

However, during the recent Shanghai Auto Show, Brad did not make an appearance but the rumored new face of the brand Xu Zheng was there. Caddy’s Weibo account also posted the Cadillac-branded image of Xu.

In the past, Brad, who is worth $170 million, was banned from China because of his controversial role in the 1997 film Seven Years in Tibet.

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Brad Pitt signs $3 Million Cadillac Endorsement in China