10Vanessa Bryant

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Lots of people choose to stay with someone who is caught cheating on them, but not that many people have to deal with a very public scandal, and intense scrutiny of their decisions. No one would have blamed Vanessa Bryant if she walked away from her marriage to NBA star,

Kobe Bryant, after he was not only caught cheating, but also accused of sexual assault.

But she didn't. The question is, was it because she didn't want to get off the gravy train that was their marriage (he bought her a $4 million ring as an apology), or is she just so head over heels in love with the guy that she can't imagine life without him? The fact that they didn't have a prenup might indicate that there's at least a little love there, because she'd most likely get a pretty hefty settlement if they did divorce.

Gold Digger or True Love?

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