$8,000 A Month: The Cost Of Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Routine

Forty-four years young and still looking fierce. We’re envious, to say the least, of Jennifer Aniston’s fabulous appearance from her shiny locks down to her manicured toes. It’s been revealed that Ani

Forty-four years young and still looking fierce. We’re envious, to say the least, of Jennifer Aniston’s fabulous appearance from her shiny locks down to her manicured toes. It’s been revealed that Aniston invests a lot of time and money into her look. “My body ain’t what it used to be!” admitted the former Friends star. But you can hardly tell as she still looks great – so what’s her big beauty secret?

It’s reported that Aniston spends over $140,000 a year of her $150 million net worth to stay looking this good. That breaks down to $8,000 a month on her hair, face and body. We’ve compiled a list of Aniston’s favorite things, from laser peels to signature spa facials to expensive face creams, so you can get a taste of how this actress stays on top of her game.

10 Water - $25 for 24-Bottle Case of Smart Water

Aniston recently shared her biggest beauty tip: “Drink lots of water”. We’re hardly surprised since the blonde bombshell has been the spokesperson for Smart Water over the past few years. Despite the plug, she’s not wrong: water is cited with improving skin’s hydration and makes eyes brighter. Plenty of celebs have been seen drinking Smart Water in particular, including Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift.

9 Spray Tanning Sessions - $45 per Visit

Although Aniston and fiancé Justin Theroux are known to frequent Mexico and other hot, tropical destinations for vacation, She knows how damaging the sun can be to our skin. That’s why she visits spray tanning salons. To have the spray applied by a professional airbrush artist often costs more than just standing in specially-designed booths. Spray tanning only lasts about 3-7 days though, so she’d have to go regularly to stay looking sun-kissed all the time.

8 Eyebrow Wax - $120 First Visit, $80 Subsequent Visits

They say a good eyebrow wax can be worth more than a facelift, so it’s no wonder that Aniston has been going to “The Beauty Innovator” Anastasia Soare for years. Aniston’s not the only big name who stops in; everyone from Oprah to Madonna gets their brows done by Soare because of her special technique for not only shaping eyebrows but enhancing the eye area. And for someone with golden locks and brows like Aniston, a perfect eyebrow can make all the difference.

7 Laser Peels - $295 per Treatment

How does Jenn maintain her glowing and youthful complexion? Laser facials – and lots of them. Aniston admitted to Conan O’Brien that she’s “obsessed” when it comes to these treatments. While the peels strip away the top layer of skin and leave it bright red and raw, the final results are undeniable: smooth and radiant skin, reduced age spots and finer lines and wrinkles.  The treatment may hurt (a lot), but when it comes to these treatments, the old adage of “no pain, no gain” applies.

6 Rejuvenating Serum by Mila Moursi - $350 for 1 oz.

Aniston may love her laser peels, but for day to day use, she swears by this luxurious serum given to her by her facialist Mila Mouris. It plumps up skin, filling in lines and wrinkles, and gives skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Moursi’s skin care line is popular among celebrities – just ask Ellen Degeneres and Aniston’s best friend Courteney Cox.

5 Placenta Products - $400-500 per Product/Dose

Celebs like January Jones have admitted to eating their placenta after giving birth, suggesting it’s rich with nutrients that can impact not just appearance but also mood.  Looks like Jenn’s gotten on board too. According to the Huffington Post, Mrs. Justin Theroux (who hasn’t yet had a child) is rumoured to be consuming placenta-rich products for the health benefits. Her dermatologist informed her that this was the “tissue of youth”, so she’s been snacking on chips, drinks and smoothies on top of tablets. At this time, there’s no placenta-rich products that are approved by the FDA though.

4 Red Carpet Facial and “Famous Purple Bag” at Tracie Martyn Spa - $840 per Visit

Aniston gets her skin ready for the red carpet by visiting the famous Tracie Martyn Spa in NYC. Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Weisz... and the list goes on – all these famous celebrities have frequented the spa to indulge in a relaxing and restorative treatments. Aniston pops in prior to stepping foot on any red carpet. This signature facial uses cutting-edge anti-aging technology to create instant, dramatic effects. It reduces puffiness and firms and lifts skin while contouring and defining – it’s sure to make anyone look good even on a high definition television. To stay looking perfect before a big event, Aniston reaches for the “Famous Purple Bag” loaded with the spa’s best products like the Purifying Cleanse.

3 Weekly Personal Yoga Classes - $900 per Week

Yoga guru Mandy Ingber has been doling out wellness and fitness advice for over 16 years. She’s also author of the NY Times best-seller, Yogalosophy : 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover. So it’s no surprise that she’s Jen’s go-to-guru. They meet three times a week for an intense personal training session that mixes cardio with yoga so that Aniston can keep her killer physique. Most personal trainers start at $300 an hour, so Aniston probably dishes out $900 a week. But we think it’s worth it, as the “We’re the Millers” star looked super fit in her latest film where she bared her bod in tiny underwear. Need any more proof of Ingber’s magic? She also trains other trim celebs including Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lawrence.

2 Hair Cut and Color at McMillan Canale Salon - $920 per Visit

Aniston’s known for her classic long locks, but has taken a risk or two over the past decade. That’s why Aniston still visits her celebrity stylist Chris McMillan when she wants a change or just a trim. It’s no surprise either, as he did create “The Rachel”. McMillan, who also cut Miley Cyrus’ notorious pixie, charges $600 a cut and co-owns a salon with colorist Michael Canale. The cost for highlights with Canale, begins at $320. Aniston, who uses Canale to achieve her enviable golden blonde hue, is rumoured to get touch-ups every six weeks.

1 Makeup - $4,165+

Jenn’s got that girl-next-door look down all these years later. Angela Levin, Aniston’s long-time makeup artist, chalks this up to a “simple, natural and easy” skincare routine. Levin applies an assortment of products including Youngblood primer and foundation, which keeps Aniston’s skin looking light and fresh. The primer helps the makeup last longer without looking dry or cakey. Next, Levin adds a bit of drama with Chanel’s Precision Lip Definer and Inimitable Intense Mascara. She finishes it off with Sephora’s eyebrow pencil to keep Aniston looking picture perfect. Although Levin’s prices are private, costs for a makeup artist can run as high as $4,000 a day

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$8,000 A Month: The Cost Of Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Routine