7 Real Housewives That Have Faced Major Financial Troubles

When viewers tune into one of the many Real Housewives franchises, they expect to see catty fights, plastic surgery babes and of course, over-the-top houses, clothes, cars, jewelry, ect. Most of the “real housewives” that we watch on TV, have lifestyles that ordinary people can only dream about. But for some of these reality ladies, it’s all for show. The most famous case of a housewife going from riches to rags is that of Teresa Guidice. Teresa’s downfall from reality royalty was hard and swift. Not only did Guidice declare bankruptcy, she was also recently sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud. So in honor of Teresa’s financial woes, below is a list of seven housewives who have all run into their own financial problems. These reality stars have all been forced to declare bankruptcy after living a ridiculously lavish lifestyle, that was apparently way beyond their means.

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7 Peggy Tanous

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6 Sonja Morgan

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Sonja Morgan, one of the stars of the Real Housewives of New York City, is one star who refuses to acknowledge her financial troubles. The star was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2010, after being sued by Hannibal Pictures. However, on the show, Morgan continues to claim that everything is just fine. The star, who has debuted several business ideas on her show, only to have none of them pan out, has continually denied that she’s broke, even after declaring bankruptcy. However, Morgan has been forced to sell her home in St. Tropez, and many of her assets have been seized in order to appease creditors. Now, creditors are pushing for Morgan to sell her home in New York. We’re not quite sure how long Sonja can keep up the charade of everything being "just fine."

5 Danielle Staub

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4 Alexis Bellino

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Even though Alexis Bellino was always bragging about the expensive things that she and her hubby could afford on the Real Housewives of Orange County, things don’t seem to be going as well as Alexis makes them out to be. On December 8, 2012, Jim Bellino (Alexis’ husband) was forced to file bankruptcy for his company. In addition, the pair faced the foreclosure of their 6-bedroom mansion after defaulting on their mortgage. However, it seems like the pair have gotten back on their feet. They have recently purchased a $5 million dollar mansion to call home.

3 Lisa Wu Hartwell


2 Lynne Curtin

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1 Teresa Giudice 

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Teresa Giudice is probably the Real Housewife to have the most publicized financial downfall. For years, Teresa and her husband, Joe have had their fair share of financial woes. But amidst all of the media attention surrounding their troubles, the couple still refused to acknowledge that there was a problem, that is until recently. A couple of days ago, the famous couple was sentenced to jail time. The couple faces 15 months in prison for fraud. Although this didn’t come as much of a shock for people who have watched the show, comparing the way that the couple conducted their lives, to the major debt that they were facing is actually shocking. The couple always had to have the best of everything, the most fabulous gowns, most expensive jewelry and of course, a mansion that is fit for royalty. Teresa must report to federal prison on January 5th, and Joe will serve his time once Teresa is done.

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