$5 Million Lawsuit: Gaga Brought To Court Over Japan Earthqauke

Lady Gaga was sued for $5 million for allegedly making money out of the Japan earthquake.

The “Dope” singer was accused of profiting from her charity 'We Pray For Japan' wristbands she sold to help the earthquake victims.

She was said to be overcharging the shipping costs, putting sales tax on the supposed charitable project and retaining some of the money paid for the wristband.

Gaga is sued under her real name Stefani Germanotta as well as her various business ventures Live Nation Merchandising and Universal Music, among others.

The U.S Federal Court in Detroit filed the lawsuit which states that Gaga used a ‘deceptive advertising campaign’ and a ‘pattern of racketeering’ in persuading the public to buy the $5 (£3.10) wristbands from her website. The court papers also state they ‘misrepresented to individuals and to the public at large...that ‘all proceeds’ derived from the wristbands would be donated to the (Japan) Relief Effort’.

"When you use your celebrity status and your power as a musician to take money from people under false pretenses, that's just wrong," said Alyson Oliver, who filed the suit.

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$5 Million Lawsuit: Gaga Brought To Court Over Japan Earthqauke