20 Surprising Celebrity Marriages You Probably Didn't Know About

Marriage and Hollywood just seem to blend together in a soupy mess most of the time. What is it about being rich, beautiful, famous, and terrible at marriage? It could be a clash of egos, or the pressure to be in a perfect relationship, or the fact that both people in the marriage are off doing their own thing. Whatever it is, we just love to see marriages that work in Tinseltown. Unfortunately, we seem to see more failed marriages and divorces instead.

Here is our list of 20 celeb marriages you totally forgot about. Really, you may find these celebrity couples to be shocking and somehow under your radar. We actually had no idea that Tom Cruise was in a marriage before Katie Holmes came along. Moreover, some of these celebs are like our favorite childhood shows all grown up. Hello, The Cosby Show and Boy Meets World!

We hope that you enjoy reading about these forgotten Hollywood marriages. Maybe they are forgotten for a reason. Either way, it is always interesting to go down memory lane and see what kind of mess these celebs got themselves into. There is always that one couple that is on-again, off-again, isn’t there?


20 Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet

This is a whirlwind celebrity marriage. First of all, we were not even aware that Lisa Bonet had been married to Lenny Kravitz, much less that they had a child together! As for Jason Momoa, he is Lisa’s new beau, and he is also over a foot taller than her. It is cute, yet bizarre. Jason and Lisa have two children together and the two celebs have been married since 2007. Even though Lisa’s daughter Zoe calls Lenny Kravitz her biological father, she still has a great relationship with Jason. Yes, this is actually a Hollywood marriage that has seemed to blossom!

19 Michael Emerson & Carrie Preston


Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston are two actors who have such busy lives that it just about crumbled their marriage. But then they managed to get it back. Although we are still unsure of how they are really doing. Oh well, no matter. We knew of Michael from his acting work on the hit television series Lost. He was busy filming that and when he did eventually get back home to his wife, she was out and about doing her own thing in Broadway theater. See, did we not tell you that celebs are just too dang busy to be married?!

18 Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart

Can you say “sugar daddy”? Because that is what this marriage seems to be. Harrison Ford is getting…more mature, yet he is married to a still spry woman, Calista Flockhart. Even though she is 22 years his junior, they still seem to be flourishing in their marriage. They also have a son together, a teenager named Liam. The couple finally wed in 2010 after dating for nearly a decade. Who knew? Well, they are both two under-the-radar celebs who actually prefer to keep their private lives private. Kudos to them!

17 Madonna & Sean Penn


Rumor has it that Sean Penn is an absolute jerkface, so of course Madonna would marry him. Let us set the scene: Sean has been accused of being violent, angry, and having an affinity for alcohol. All of that adds up to bad news for any woman who chooses to be his girlfriend or even worse, wife. And that is just what Madge did. Back in 1987, Sean was in the headlines for hitting Madonna with a baseball bat. Around that time, he was also facing charges for acting violently toward an extra on the set of a film. In another instance, Sean reportedly bound Madonna to a chair for 9 hours. Gross.

16 Helen Hunt & Hank Azaria

Actor Hank Azaria spoke out on Larry King about his divorce from Helen Hunt. Yeah, obviously that marriage did not go well. And that may be okay because we were not even aware that the two were married to each other. Another good part about the whole thing was that Hank and Helen did not have any children together, so that definitely made things a lot easier. Still, their divorce was a lot of hoopla in the press considering that no one even cared that they were married to begin with. No offense you two, but we can’t even name something you acted in recently.

15 Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen


We know Valerie Bertinelli now for her extreme weight loss and dieting. Yet, she was once married to rock star Eddie Van Halen. Really. Yet their breakup was not one of those bitter disputes between two celebs. No, Valerie even spoke out about Eddie on a daytime talk show (See? Daytime, nice!) Valerie said that even though Eddie adopted a hardcore rocker lifestyle and image some 30 years ago, he has matured and turned over a new leaf. He is clean, loving, and a good father to Wolfgang, the son he has with Valerie. This is so heartwarming! Aside from the fact that they named their son Wolfgang.

14 Ali Landry & Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez always looks so kind and innocent, so it was quite a shock when he totally dissed his ex-wife Ali Landry. He told a celeb magazine that he had never even actually loved her. Ouch! Look, you could have just been casual and breezy about it, Mario. After all, no one realized you two were even an item for more than two minutes. But no, you tarnished your image and not only admitted you had no loving feelings for her, but you cheated on her. What a shocker. His excuse? Spring Break. Really. Come on, Mario. You are not twenty years old anymore.


13 Mimi Rogers & Tom Cruise


Rumor has it that Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers ended their relationship because of Scientology’s interference. In fact, there has even been a documentary that profiled the Church of Scientology and its strain on Tom and Mimi’s marriage. It was actually Mimi who introduced Tom to Scientology when they met in 1986. Her hope was that Scientology would help to discipline Tom since he was, er, excited around women. Of course, it is second-hand speculation, but it was Tom’s second marriage and it went down the toilet. And now he is on not-so-good terms with Katie Holmes. Hm, we’re seeing a pattern!

12 Tom Green & Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is just really good at being single. In fact, we barely remember back in the day when she was married to Tom Green. But she was. The comedian married Drew in 2001 after just about a year of dating. And less than a year later, Tom filed for divorce from Drew. It was the typical quickie wedding among celebrities, and we think that Drew is doing quite well for herself now, thank you very much. As for Tom Green, we are not sure what he is up to. He did have a show on MTV, but that died a long time ago. He is funny, but that may be about it. Pity.

11 Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez


Apparently Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are well on their way to getting a divorce, but we were not even aware of their marriage to begin with. Yeah, we knew that Halle had an adorable little girl, but the dad was just not in the picture. And in Hollywood, that is quite normal, so we did not give it a second thought. Well it turns out that Olivier was with Halle all along, and now he is splitting from the lovely actress. Oh well. Plus, the rumor is that Olivier is destructively violent, so we are glad that Halle can be rid of that.

10 Scott Campbell & Lake Bell

Wait a minute, do we even know these celebs? Whoever they are, they are new parents as of 2014. Scott and Lake met in 2011 when they were both working on How to Make it in America, Lake Bell’s HBO television series. The two actually double-teamed and Scott appeared on Lake’s show at one point. In a mushy-gushy proposal, Scott and Lake became engaged on Lake’s birthday and then they married in June of 2013. Lake is now not only a screenwriter and director, but a mommy too. Hopefully this under-the-radar couple will stay together and have a happy life with each other.

9 Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish


We do not really want to imagine Kate Bosworth with a guy, but alas, she got married to Michael Polish in a country-style wedding ceremony in 2013. Naturally, Kate looked absolutely elegant and beautiful. Now, we know about Kate, but who is Michael Polish? He is actually a Hollywood film director and he even shot some of Kate’s bridal photos, which graced the covers of some famous magazines. Aw. Kate and Michael met back in 2011 when she was starring in Big Sur, which he directed. Apparently it was love at first sight, although we were totally unaware of it!

8 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Oh, so Dax Shepard is the guy who is on Parenthood. Now we get it. So he is actually married in real life. To Kristen Bell? What? This is a celebrity pairing that we were previously unaware of. Dax and Kristen are actually a very happy (and married) couple. Who knew? Well, it turns out that for them, opposites attract. Dax is silly, playful, and tall while Kristen is short and sweet. An odd pairing maybe, but it works, and in Hollywood that is a huge accomplishment. So more power to ‘em and we hope they enjoy each other’s company for years to come.

7 Jimmy Kimmel & Molly McNearney


We see him every evening on his late night talk show, but Jimmy Kimmel is actually seeing someone else. His wife. Yes, he is a married dude, and the lucky female is Molly McNearney. Actually, the two of them had been dating for quite some time, so it was long past overdue that they should tie the knot. The two of them had a huge wedding bash and loads of other celeb couples came out to support them. Jimmy and Molly got engaged in South Africa – exotic! We can imagine that their marriage is going to be fun and exciting, although Molly will have to compete for Jimmy’s late-night attention with his talk show!

6 Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian

We know Aaron Paul from the hit television series Breaking Bad. Who is Laura Parsekian? She is a Cali girl who studied filmmaking. She even made a documentary about emotional abuse against girls and then she started her own charity, the Kind Campaign. Wow, she is a good person! So now, not only does Laura fight bullying in schools, but she is married to a celeb. Plus it looks as though their marriage is going strong. Aaron even gave her a shout-out when he accepted an Emmy award for Breaking Bad. Aw, how cute. He also fully supports her charity.

5 Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa


Get ready for a social media rant! It happened when music star Wiz Khalifa bashed his ex-wife Amber Rose on Twitter. Stating that “a woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kid's father is a foul creature,” it was pretty apparent that the former couple was not on good terms with each other. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have a young child together, a son named Sebastian. For her part, Amber Rose had sent out some tweets that seemed to allude to her beef with Wiz Khalifa and the whole thing is a MESS. Good riddance to this couple.

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt & Brian Hallisay


Jennifer Love Hewitt is an old-school celeb who had her second child with her hubby Brian Hallisay. Jennifer has been acting since forever ago and Brian is a lesser-known actor who appeared in a series that no one has ever heard of: Privileged. Anyway, the celebrity couple seems to be doing quite all right, and with two kids, things are looking great for the duo, who eloped and got married in secret in 2013. Both Jennifer and Brian were thrilled to welcome another little one into the world – and their world. Who knows? Maybe their brood will continue to grow. That is the only other time we hear about this quiet couple.

3 Alexandra Barreto & Rider Strong


If you remember Rider Strong of Boy Meets World then gives us a “woot woot!” It looks as though he is all grown up now and he is married! Not only that, but he and his wife, Alexandra Barreto, have welcomed a baby boy into the world. Boy, do we feel old! We still remember when Rider was starring as Shawn in the popular television series. What would his character say now that he is much more mature and a daddy? It’s funny to think about it! Anyway, Alexandra was somehow able to keep the pregnancy a secret, probably because we have never even heard of her before. We really haven’t even seen Rider out and about either.

2 Ben Feldman & Michelle Mulitz

We know about Ben Feldman from the very successful television series Mad Men. Well, he is definitely not mad at Michelle Mulitz. The two got hitched in 2013 and celebrated with the rich and famous. Those close to the couple say that they are very “normal” and “fun.” That must be true because we had no idea that they were even married! Even so, we are very happy to hear that Ben and Michelle are loving the married life and are in love with each other. Michelle is supposedly an actress, but we were not aware of that. Oh well!

1 Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom


What happens when you mix a comedian and a songwriter? We don’t know, but just ask Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom. The two tied the knot without anyone really realizing. This happened back in 2013 and after 5 years of dating, the two finally made it official. It sounds like a fun pairing to us! Joanna is a beast on the harp and she writes her own songs while Andy is a funnyman that has appeared on the sketch show Saturday Night Live and Lonely Island. Well, he is not lonely anymore! He has his very own wife! Good luck to those two!



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