20 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Deadbeat Dads

Way to go, you are a dad! Now, what will you do to make your son or daughter feel absolutely loved and adored? Make sure that you spend time with them, be there for their birthdays, treat their mothers with respect and love? Well, if you are one of the men on our list, then you do the exact opposite. Yes, this is our list of 20 celebrities you won’t believe are deadbeat dads.

From actors and singers to pseudo-celebrities, these are some of the most high-profile crappy dads. It makes us realize that not everyone is capable of being a father. It takes a certain person to be able to provide what children need; and not just financially, but emotionally as well. Sure, these dads may have money, but if they can’t be there for their kids in an intellectual and emotional way, then what is the use?

Some of these dads embody the exact opposite of what a dad should be. Some of them even have multiple court charges against them. Some of these fathers have tried to turn things around, while others just continue being so. Not. Good. So, read this list and the descriptions of these fathers and you will quickly see why each one of these men is on our list. Enjoy – or not!

20 Levi Johnston

19 Dennis Rodman

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18 Bobby Brown

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With the recent news surrounding the death of the young Bobbi Kristina Brown, there has been more media presence on Bobby Brown, who reportedly has only seen his daughter a few times in the past 5 years. That news leads to the poignant question of whether the tragic death of Bobbi Kristina could have been avoided if Bobby Brown had paid more attention to his daughter and interacted with her more. We will never know, but it certainly is something to think about. We all know that Bobby Brown had a history with drugs, but had seemed to move on from those dark times. Unfortunately, his fathering skills had not radically improved.

17 Evander Holyfield

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16 Val Kilmer

Remember when Val Kilmer was a Hollywood heartthrob? What happened? He became a dad and racked up some negative points in unpaid child support. Apparently, Val owed over $27,000 in child support for the two kids he has with Joanne Whalley. Unfortunately, that is not the first time that Val has held out on paying his ex-wife money. The Hollywood father also owed a large sum of money a few years ago for not paying his federal taxes. Ouch! Not only is Val not a class A father, but his acting career has also taken a huge tumble. So tragic.

15 Francois-Henri Pinault

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The sad truth was revealed when the public found out that Francois-Henri Pinault spent a total of $260,000 annually on lavish gifts for himself but he could not tell you what he gave his son for his special day. Hm…adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Pinault revealed (of his own accord) that he broke up with the mother of his child after he learned that she was pregnant! What a double whammy. After just a few months, Pinault began a relationship with Salma Hayek, and they have a kid together. We are not sure why, considering that Pinault is one of the most high-profile crap dads, but whatevs.

14 Terrell Owens

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So, former NFL star Terrell Owens says that he is not a bad dad, he just does not have a lot of money. As if that is what constitutes being a “good” dad. In the ultimate source of evidence that Terrell had trouble being a father, he appeared on television with Dr. Phil, who is known for helping people address their troubles (including parental issues.) T.O. used to be on top of the world, at least in terms of athletics, but his career has since taken a slip. He is rumored to have wasted huge sums of money on frivolous purchases and become a deadbeat dad to his son, who is now an adolescent.

13 Jon Gosselin

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Ugh, as if we needed to hear about Jon Gosselin again. We have tried to purge our system of the Jon and Kate debacle, and we all know that Jon is never going to be dad of the year. In what started as an innocent television series showcasing two parents who are in charge of 8 children, Jon has proven himself to be a deadbeat dad. We could see that he had no interest in being a pivotal person in his children’s lives, and after his divorce, he has been seen with younger women and drugs in a party lifestyle. Need we say more?

12 Allen Iverson

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So how does it feel to be called the “worst parent ever”? Just ask Allen Iverson. A judge reportedly gave the basketball player that title after Iverson divorced his wife and was separated from his children (he has five of them!) The judge has seen enough evidence to say that Iverson is not fit to be a dad. The proof includes Iverson leaving his young children unattended for extended periods of time, and Iverson’s alcoholism, which caused him to be a crappy father figure and role model. He has a few rights to visit his kids, but he must get his act together to maintain those rights.

11 Jermaine Dupri

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Perhaps there is something about having loads of money that just makes you a neglectful parent. That seems to be the case with Jermaine Dupri. Not only has Jermaine had troubles with his finances and children, but he has had beefs with other celebs. Jermaine has worked and rubbed elbows with celebs like Tiny and Tameka, and Kandi Buruss, just to name a few. In fact, there is just too much drama swirling around Jermaine Dupri that we really do not want any part of it. Perhaps this is just a prime example of what happens when you let riches and fame get to your head.

10 Skeet Ulrich

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If you do not know of Skeet Ulrich, he is one of the actors who stars in the television series Jericho. He has twins with his ex-wife, Georgina Cates. His parenting skills could be a result of having a frayed family tree himself. He has an ex-stepdad, from which his last name Ulrich comes from. He was also taken to court for failing to pay child support on the twins, Naiia and Jakob. Apparently he owed upwards of $280,000! Now, how do you let it get that bad? He needs to forget about building up his acting career and focus instead on being a satisfactory dad.

9 Flavor Flav

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He was famous for being in the musical group Public Enemy, but it seems that maybe Flavor Flav is an enemy to his kids! He certainly does not make enough time for them. After all, he spent three painstaking seasons on the VH1 reality show Flavor of Love, trying to find the right woman (most of the contestants were at least 20 years his junior.) When he was on his many dates with these ladies/contestants, he just used his own (very good judgement) to determine whether his kids would like the girls. Because that is what good dads do, right?

8 Edward Furlong

7 Nas

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Destiny Jones is Nas’ daughter, and while she is not exactly the most clear-cut child of a rap star, she is doing okay, considering that she had a somewhat tumultuous upbringing. She is the daughter of Nas and his then-girlfriend, Carmen Bryan. Destiny Jones is now a grown-up, and she even tried to show respect and honor for her dad by donning a chain necklace that once belonged to the rapper. Back in 2012, Nas tried to make amends for being a so-so dad by titling a song, “Daughters”, which included a lot of the baggage he has with his own daughter. That includes their relationship while he was imprisoned. How sweet…?

6 Karl Malone

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5 Matthew Knowles

Does the last name sound familiar? It should! Matthew Knowles is the father of Beyonce, and while his singing daughter may have turned out well, Matthew is not doing so well with his other daughter, Koi. The mother of Koi is saying that Matthew is not doing a good job of being an essential component in the young child’s life. That includes paying child support and just being there in general. This is a girl we are talking about! Matthew needs to be there for Koi and the mother, TaQoya Branscomb. By the way, there is just a .1% chance that Koi is not Matthew’s daughter.

4 Eddie Murphy

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We are pretty sure that almost everyone remembers that nasty paternity saga between former Spice Girl Mel B and actor-comedian Eddie Murphy. Forget about even paying child support, Eddie did not even want to say that he was the father of Mel B’s little girl. The actor then took a paternity test which revealed that yes, he IS the father. Oh! He finally decided to spend at least a little bit of time with his daughter, even though he kind of came out of nowhere for the poor little girl. Fortunately, there is a stepfather who has taken a pivotal role in being a positive father figure for the little girl, whose name is Angel.

3 Charlie Sheen

Maybe Charlie Sheen can’t be a good dad because he is the father of humans, not tigers. After all, the insane actor has got tiger blood pulsing through his veins, right? On this past Father’s Day, Charlie showed us how terrible of a father figure he is by using the social media site Twitter to verbally abuse his ex-wife, Denise Richards. The online rant is too vile for sharing, but it was pretty intense and mean-spirited. Unfortunately, Charlie and Denise have 2 children together and spent 3 years as a married couple. We just can’t imagine what it would be like to have any of Charlie Sheen’s blood (tiger or not) flowing through us.

2 Jude Law

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So, if Jude Law is such a crappy dad, then why does he have 5 kids? Stop having sex, Jude Law! His newest child is from his ex-girlfriend, Cat Harding, a girl in her early twenties. His kids may finally be turning around and considering Jude to be an “okay” dad…maybe. On the bright side, not ALL of his kids are the result of a one-night stand, and he has not denied that he fathered ALL of them, and he did not forget to mention ALL of them on The David Letterman Show…just watch that clip; it is pretty funny.

1 50 Cent

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As we may expect from 50 Cent’s public persona and rap lyrics, he is not exactly great father material. Or even acceptable father material. He has already established a reputation for being a bitter and unrelenting ex-boyfriend, as we have seen from his nasty messages to his exes. He even was suspected of arson! Add to those claims a charge for domestic violence, and we can begin to safely say that 50 Cent can make it to the Number-One spot on our list of crappy celebrity dads. 50 Cent is not just mean to his ex-girlfriends; he even was spotted yelling maliciously at his son. Nice, 50.

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