20 Celebrities Who’ve Embarrassingly Been Caught Shoplifting

celebs caught shoplifting

Shoplifting is not the worst crime in the word, but there is really no need for it. That is especially true when you are a celebrity. Really, why would someone who is rich and famous need to go around sneaking unpaid merchandise out of clothing stores or stashing stolen food around in their purse? Do not ask us; we are just here to show you 20 celebrities who’ve embarrassingly been caught shoplifting.

The list is embarrassing indeed. From trashy reality television stars, to professional athletes, to A-list celebrities with an impressive and intriguing resume, the celebs on this list are varied. Most of their theft is quite petty (crab legs? Batteries? A bag of chips?) It really got us wondering what makes a celeb resort to stealing…

Anyway, we hope you enjoy reading about these hilariously-sad stories of famous people who have been nabbed in the act of shoplifting. Perhaps the next time you are hit with the urge to live life on the wild side, you will remember this list. Just keep in mind that you do not want to end up like these people! We have 20 reasons right now why you should put the potato chips down and simply pay for them. Surely you have a dollar to spare, especially if you are using the Internet right now…

20 Kim Richards

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Who doesn't love Target? Even the Real Housewives are crazy about it! So much so, that Kim Richards felt the need to shoplift from Tar-jay. It looks as though Kim went on a full-on shopping spree at the popular retail chain and maybe she just left her wallet at home. The reality star tried to steal two full shopping carts from the store and was nabbed, of course. She was caught with loads of trinkets and items from Target’s well-known dollar section. Wait, really? Maybe the stuff was so beneath her luxury lifestyle that she just assumed they were free? She went through the express checkout with toys and beauty products and said they were already paid for.

19 Amanda Bynes

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Poor Amanda Bynes went from a teenage superstar to a child actor gone down the drain. This washed-up star is supposed to be in the prime of her life, but she has been caught in loads of unsettling acts, including shoplifting. The actress was nabbed in a clothing retailer in New York City – on camera – while trying to get away without paying for a shirt. Come on, Amanda. Even though your career is down the toilet, you should at least have enough money to pay for a measly shirt! The sad part is that this crime is light compared to her other misdemeanors, such as drinking and driving.

18 Winona Ryder

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17 Lindsay Lohan

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Oh, Lindsay Lohan. She has pretty much been wiped off the face of the earth. After a series of crappy films, her acting career has gone kaput. Is there any hope left for the young celeb? Hopefully. Although she was slammed with various criminal charges that really made it look as though she were down and out. With driving under the influence, risky behaviors, and her shoplifting, what has got left to lose? LiLo was nabbed for walking away with $2,500 worth of unpaid jewels. She was arrested and the world once again shook their head at her. Get it together, girl!

16 Megan Fox

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The Transformers actress made an embarrassing admission when she said that she had shoplifted in her past. To her credit, it was when she was just a teenager. She admitted that she had stolen some makeup from a Walmart back in the day. I guess we can forgive her. After all, who has not had the urge to snag some sparkly makeup off of the shelves of a convenience store? Although Walmart is known for their low prices…hm, maybe she was short on her allowance at that time or something. This is definitely a celebrity shoplifting case that is much less serious that many other ones.

15 Britney Spears

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So, this does not really come as a surprise considering that Brit went through a really rough patch in the past. What with her nervous breakdown and the whole shaving her head thing, it actually makes a bit of sense that she was guilty of some other crimes. Yet it looks as though the pop star is really on the rebound. Yay, Britney! She is putting her shoplifting fiasco behind her, which included her 2008 incident in a Fred Segal retailer. She tried to get away without paying for a $200 shirt. She was wearing a mannequin’s wig and said she simply forgot to pay.

14 Farrah Fawcett

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Yup, Farrah Fawcett was caught shoplifting! This takes us way back to the good ol’ 1970s, when Farrah was at the top of her game. Well, almost. She was nabbed when she stole some clothes from a shop. Heh, oops! Luckily, the incident did not do much to stifle her career, and she was still a popular actress. She was mostly famous for starring in Charlie’s Angels, and of course, everyone wanted those Farrah Fawcett locks of luscious, 70s-style hair.

13 Shelley Morrison

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Shelley Morrison was known for her role in the hit television series, Will & Grace. She was caught shoplifting in Los Angeles while trying to walk away without paying for costume jewelry from a department store. The total value of the theft? $446, a small sum for a television actress. Yet the star, who was in her mid-60s at the time, still tried to get away with the deed. According to authorities in Los Angeles, since the shoplifting total was over $400, the incident could be considered a felony. Uh oh! Morrison was arrested but was later released on $20,000 bail.

12 Rex Reed

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Rex Reed is a well-known film critic, and while he may rub elbows with celebrities, he is not very well liked. Besides being offensive and insulting to a whole slew of celebs, Reed has also been caught in the embarrassing act of shoplifting. Hah! In 2000, at the age of 61, Reed was nabbed for walking away without paying for three music CDs. He was stopped by authorities at the store, who found the unpaid CDs in the film critic’s pocket. Reed was charged with larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. So, does that give us the right to critique his actions?

11 Kristin Cavallari

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10 Olga Korbut

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It has got to be hard being a professional athlete, especially at such a young age. You get so famous and successful and the human body just can’t last that long at a sport. So what happens after the athletic career is over? Well, do not ask Olga Korbut. The gymnast from Belarus was nabbed for shoplifting. The total value of the theft? Less than $20. She allegedly stole $19.35 worth of groceries from a grocery store in Atlanta, Georgia. Was she starving? The contents were pretty high class for that: figs, seasonings, tea, and cheese. All we can say is: yum.

9 Bai Ling

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Although Bai Ling usually looks pretty and fresh-faced, her mug shot after an alleged shoplifting arrest was anything but flattering. The actress was fined $700 for stealing from a shop at LAX, items which totaled just $16.22. She was stealing magazines and some batteries and was also guilty of disturbing the peace. She pleaded guilty and issued a public apology shortly thereafter. She said that she had no intention of stealing the items…sure. This case just left us scratching our heads. Seriously, why would a celeb need to steal such petty items? They really do not have $20 lying around?

8 Richard Madeley

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Richard Madeley comes from the United Kingdom, and he is famous for being a television presenter, as well as for writing novels and magazine columns. Back in 1994, he was arrested by authorities when he tried to leave a store without paying for some items, such as champagne. Nice taste there, Madeley! These actually happened two times at the famed Tesco grocery store in Manchester. So how did he manage to get out of that one? He claimed he had memory lapses, which led to him being acquitted of the charges. Fast forward to 2011 and he was awarded with an honorary doctorate degree. Talk about turning things around!

7 Jameis Winston

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Sorry, but this is just plain funny. Jameis Winston, famed college sports player and current rookie QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was nabbed for stealing crab legs. Really! It is even captured on video. In the footage, Winston is seen going to a grocery store and then nonchalantly strolling out with some tasty crab legs - $30 worth of them. Winston, who played collegiate football and baseball, was consequently suspended from the baseball team and was also required to do some community service. What a crazy shoplifting case. Hey, an athlete has gotta eat, and crabs are a nice source of protein! Still, we find this one pretty humorous.

6 Stephanie Pratt

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If you have ever watched The Hills (and we won’t tell anyone), then you probably know of Stephanie Pratt, sister of reality star Spencer. Well, in 2006, when Stephanie was 20 years old, she was foolish enough to head into the upscale department store Neiman Marcus and try to walk away with some unpaid merchandise, $1,300 worth. Now, with all of the flaunting of money and lavish riches that these spoiled kids show off on the television, you would think that Stephanie would not have to resort to shoplifting. Tsk. She was charged with second-degree theft and … drug charges!

5 Kesha

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Hey, do not pick on poor little Kesha. Before she was a weirdo celebrity, she was a weirdo homeless kid. She admitted that when she was younger and living on the streets, she had stolen food from grocery stores and the like. Hey, at least she was honest. This is one case of shoplifting that we can definitely see happening. In fact, we can still see this happening today, no offense Kesha. After all, she is not exactly of the high-brow elite among the rich and famous. Is she even rich, or is she spending all of her money on the crazy hair dye and makeup?

4 Tila Tequila

Watch the video and please tell us what is going on here. It is Tila Tequila wearing a strange doll dress and booties and stealing gum and chips from a CVS, in front of a security guard while the person who is filming her tells her to hurry up. We are so confused. Then the vid was posted online with a written commentary by Tila (supposedly) and the excuse was just sad. She was “SO HUNGRY” and she told the security guard that she “thought” her purse was a shopping bag. Tell us she was not either high or drunk in this video. It is just all around stupidity.

3 Lynn Anderson

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Hey, who does not love the Harry Potter series? We all have an affinity for that wizarding world, but we would not go so far as to steal the DVDs on the movies. That is exactly what Lynn Anderson did. The ageing country singer was a Grammy Award winner and yet she resorted to going into a grocery store and trying to nab a Harry Potter DVD without paying for it. Really? It would cost all of $10. Well, needless to say, she was arrested for shoplifting and then she refused to accept the police citation that stated her arrest. Well, this was not nearly as bad as her drunk driving arrest in December 2004.

2 Jennifer Capriati

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It turns out that sporty girls like jewelry too! Just ask Jennifer Capriati. The professional tennis player was caught shoplifting in a department store. So what did she steal? Some fine diamonds? A gold chain? Nope, just a $15 ring. Her side of the story was that she was busy trying on the rings and seeing what looked good and then – whoops! She walked out while wearing one of them. How unfortunate. She was cited and that was crappy, but then just 6 months later she had much bigger problems: drugs! But that, my friends, is for another celebrity list!

1 Courtney Love

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Courtney Love was always a little weird. Always. In her teenage years, she was caught shoplifting. Okay, okay, so we can let that slide. After all, rich or not, people are foolish during the adolescent years. Oh, but wait. Courtney was also in some trouble in 2010, when she was faced with a lawsuit for borrowing a huge amount of jewelry and not returning it. So, she graduated to bigger things? The jewelry was valued at $114,000! Yikes. Not good, Courtney. She is yet another example of celebrity misfits who get themselves into deep doo-doo. Shoplifting is just one of the crimes that celebs often fall into.

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