$168 000 for a Steak Dinner with Warren Buffet

For the 14th year in a row, an auction was held to take part in a fancy steak dinner with Warren Buffett. It turns out the price tag bidders were willing to pay was quite high this year. The $168,100 price tag, is going to go toward Glide, which is a non profit organization in the San Francisco area. The auction did not close until 7:30 PM on Friday, October 11th, so viable bidders fought to win the seat, and have dinner with the 82 year old billionaire who is one of the most well-known men not only in the U.S., but in the world. The Glide organization stands to earn an expected $3.5 million if the auction made as much as last years event. Last year this price tag was paid out, by an anonymous bidder, to sit down with Buffett, and to enjoy the fancy steak dinner.

In order to bid on eBay, bidders had to be pre-qualified, and had to show that they could pay the cash value of their bid (full rules for the auction were found on the eBay site, which explains what prequalification entails, and how they could place their bids). Regardless of what the actual price reached, the dinner is not only a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who want to dine with the world famous billionaire, it is also a great way to do something for a non profit organization, and help those who are in need.

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$168 000 for a Steak Dinner with Warren Buffet