15 Times TV Stars Got Greedy, Demanded More Money

As much as we love them, most people have come to the realization that actors and actresses are paid ridiculous amounts of money for what they do. They deserve to be compensated for their popularity and contributions to the works so many people pay to see, but hardworking blue collar people everywhere look at the average TV or movie star’s salary and see a number they could never imagine actually being paid themselves, no matter how hard they were working. And yet, plenty of TV stars have looked at their own contracts, seen those same high numbers, and felt like it wasn’t nearly enough.

Successful TV shows make millions of dollars, so it makes sense the biggest stars of those shows would want a nice percentage of that money. Whether it’s fair to the working class outsider or not, when money is being generated, it should be fairly divided amongst the people who generated it. Not all of the items on this list are flat-out cases of greed demanding a higher paycheck, but when we look at how much money these celebrities were making in the first place, it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t enough. And that doesn’t even begin to describe a few of them, who were paid exorbitant amounts from the beginning to do virtually nothing, and there’s no shame in shaking your head at those examples. Keep reading and learn about 15 TV stars who demanded more money to continue making their show.

15 The Cast Of Gilmore Girls

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14 Suzanne Somers - Three's Company


13 Robin Wright - House Of Cards

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12 Michael C. Hall - Dexter

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11 The Casts Of All My Children And One Life To Live

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10 Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

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9 The Cast Of Jersey Shore


8 The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop: New York

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7 Everyone On Seinfeld Except Jerry

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6 The Cast Of Friends

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5 The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory

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4 The Cast Of Modern Family

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3 Neil Patrick Harris - How I Met Your Mother

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2 Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill

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1 The Cast Of The Simpsons

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With all of that greed out of the way, we’ve put this one at number one to subvert the idea, as there’s not really anything greedy about this one, but Fox executives tried to pretend there was. The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom on television today, and six people voice the hundreds of characters who make the show the cultural landmark that it is. Even with current seasons continuing the show’s reputation of not quite being what it used to be, as some of the longest tenured employees in a major television franchise, the stars of the show deserve a piece of the pie. Or as Homer would say, “Mmmm…pie.” For the first 8 amazing seasons of the show, the main cast was only making $30,000 per episode, barely 10% of what the stars of comparably popular live action shows made. It was bumped to six figures in 1998, but that apparently wasn’t enough, as the cast threatened to go on strike twice in 2004 and again in 2008 until they were paid closer to the $400,000 range. Despite their complaints, they ultimately accepted a slight pay cut when ratings went down. D'oh!

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15 Times TV Stars Got Greedy, Demanded More Money