15 Stars Who Insured Body Parts For Millions

When you take out insurance on an item, you are putting a price on something that matters to your well-being. Whether that be your financial well-being, your emotional well-being, or your physical wel

When you take out insurance on an item, you are putting a price on something that matters to your well-being. Whether that be your financial well-being, your emotional well-being, or your physical well-being, insurance provides a guarantee that your lifestyle will be protected in the worst case scenario.

Most people take out insurance on their life, their car, their home or even pricey electronics. But celebrities have been known to insure things that the average person would never consider, obtaining their insurance through the world's best known insurer of the unorthodox. Lloyd's of London, a company that has been in the insurance business for 325 years, is known for the services they provide celebrities in search of insurance. Beginning in the 1920s and spanning the 2000s, Lloyd's of London has catered to some of the most well known celebrities, and some of the strangest insurance policies ever made.

Celebrities can do much more than insure average assets. They have been able to insure everything from parts of their body to their sperm. Yes, this first celebrity has their sperm insured.

15 15.David Lee Roth's Reproductive Facilities


Everyone knows that 80's rock bands were notorious for their large following of groupies. And many band members didn't mind the constant company of the star struck ladies. But Van Halen's frontman David Lee Roth was the only 80s rocker forward thinking enough to make sure that, should one of the many groupies accidentally end up pregnant after a night of fun, he would not suffer financially.

14 Jamie Lee Curtis' Legs


In the late 1970's and early 80's Jamie Lee Curtis earned the nickname the "Scream Queen" from her roles in the horror films Halloween, The Fog and Terror Train. As her film career continued to blossom so did her sex appeal. Curtis was well known for her long legs. In 1996 she was asked to become a spokeswoman for all L'eggs products. In the spring of 96 campaigns for L'eggs Reliance long-wear pantyhose began. Wanting to protect their spokeswoman's legs, the company chose to have Jamie Lee Curtis' legs insured for $2.8 million.

13 Cristiano Ronaldo's Legs

You know that you are a valuable member of a sports team when your bosses have your legs insured for $144 million. Add that to Cristiano Ronaldo's $18.7 million per year salary as well as the $131 million transfer fee that Real Madrid paid to acquire Ronaldo from Manchester United, and you have an athlete that is a serious valuable teammate.

12 America Ferrara's Smile

11 Keith Richards' Hands

10 Holly Madison's Breasts


Originally named Holly Sue Cullen, Holly Madison made a name for herself on the reality television series The Girls Next Door in which she was one of Hugh Hefner's many girlfriends. She left the show and eventually found her own fame with the reality series, Holly's World.

9 Mariah Carey's Legs

One would think that Mariah Carey would insure her legendary vocal cords. With her self-titled debut album going multi platinum, several of her singles reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and her song "One Sweet Day" a debut with Boyz II Men remaining the longest-running number-one song in U.S. chart history, Carey's music is most definitely her best asset.

8 David Beckham's Legs

David Beckham may be an international sexy symbol and a spokesperson for Diet Coke, Burger King, Samsung, Armani, and Adidas, but first he was a professional footballer. He has played with Manchester United, LA Galaxy, and the England National teams from 1992 to 2009. He has won the Premier League title six times, the FA Cup twice, and the UEFA Champions League once. He has been noted as a skillful player and honored with the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players.

7 Dolly Parton's Breasts

When you think of Dolly Parton, you think of one of two things; country music or breasts. There's no doubt that the most honored female country performer of all time has made a name for herself in country music. Besides having an epicly strong voice, she has penned famous songs such as "I Will Always Love You," "Here You Come Again," and "Travelin' Thru."

6 Madonna's Breasts

At one time in her early career, Madonna was known for her breasts. No, not her natural breasts, but her oddly cone shaped bras. She debuted her first cone shaped bra in 1990 during her blonde ambition tour. The piece was created by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Her ridiculously pointy tops ranged from gold to black, sequined and covered in shimmering diamonds. Not only did Madonna sport the exotic looking bra on runways, she also performed during long concerts while wearing them.

5 Heidi Klum's Legs

The German born supermodel whose career catapulted to success after a Sports Illustrated cover, has earned Heidi Klum the nickname "The Body." She was discovered in 1992 and modeled alongside supermodels such as Tyra Banks and Elle Macpherson. Her body became even more famous after she joined the ranks of the Victoria's Secret Angels. From there, Klum expanded her career to host, judge and producer of the Emmy winning show Project Runway.

4 Daniel Craig's Body


Long ago, action movies were filled with live stunts and death defying acts, all done by the actor and/or stuntman. Now, computer technology has made it possible for actors and actresses to skip the dangerous stunts and rely on the tech guys to make the action seem realistic. But one actor, Daniel Craig isn't going with the action/technology movie flow. Instead, he's joining a select group of actors like Matt Damon and even Shia LeBeouf, and doing the majority of his own on screen stunts.

3  3. Julia Roberts' Smile

Julia Roberts' gorgeous smile first wowed audiences in the heart wrenching Steel Magnolias film in 1989 and was solidified within the hearts of people around the world in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman the following year. She has stared in films such as The Pelican Brief, Notting Hills, Charlie Wilson's War, Mirror Mirror, August: Osage County. She is considered one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses. She has been named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" eleven times and one of the "100 Hottest Women of All-Time" by Men's Health.

2 Jennifer Lopez's Butt

'Jenny from the Block's' backside has gained some serious notoriety since it was first mentioned by Chris Rock during the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. Since then, Jennifer Lopez has grown in popularity as an artist as well as a sex symbol. She has stared in films such as The Wedding Planner, Angel Eyes, and The Cell. She is known for her dancing skills as well as her hip-hop style songs.

1 Tina Turner's Legs

At the glorious age 75, Tina Turner is still turning heads with her long and very toned legs. Legs, that earned her an endorsement with Hanes legwear twenty years ago and also prompted the star to have her legs insured for $3.2 million.

Turner has always sported short dresses during her on stage performances, the most memorable of those dresses being her outfit worn during her and Ike Turner's performance of "Proud Mary" on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1970. Through the years, Tina Turner has continued to wow audiences and fans with her powerful voice and energetic performances that almost always feature her very long and toned legs.

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15 Stars Who Insured Body Parts For Millions