15 Shocking Celebrity Net Worths - The Rich Edition

Money is great. It allows people to buy not only food, clothes, and other items of basic sustenance, but also private planes, chinchilla fur coats, and other luxury items such as backyard tigers.

False. Aside from Neil Patrick Harris, the show's shining star (and the only real preexisting celebrity except for Alison Hannigan, whose career was in the crapper when the show started), the actors each got more or less $100,000 per episode, which is surprisingly small.

With that all said, let's jump right in to the 15 famous figures whose salaries are surprisingly big.

15 Matt Groening - $500 million

Net worth: $500 million

14 Mariah Carey - $535 million

Net worth: $535 million

13 Simon Cowell - $550 million

Net worth: $550 million

12 Bono - $600 million

Net worth: $600 million

11 Howard Stern - $620 million

Net worth: $620 million

10 Celine Dion - $630 million

Net worth: $630 million

9 James Cameron - $700 million

Net worth: $700 million

8 Madonna - $700 million

Net worth: $700 million

7 Dr. Dre - $700 million

Net worth: $700 million

6 P. Diddy - $735 million

Net worth: $735 million

5 Vince McMahon - $750 million

Net worth: $750 million

4 Jerry Seinfeld - $860 million

Net worth: $860 million

3 Paul McCartney - $1.2 billion

Net worth: 1.2 billion

2 Steven Spielberg - $3.6 billion

Net worth: $3.6 billion

1 George Lucas - $5.2 billion

Net worth: $5.2 billion

I was watching Saturday Night Live the week before the new Star Wars came out in theatres. For once I was watching it on live television, usually preferring to wait until it goes up on streaming websites so I can watch it without ads. The last skit before the first ad break was a parody of Star Wars loving adults, who buy the branded toys and then never open the packaging. During the ad break, one of the most watched ad breaks of the primetime week, every single commercial was for Star Wars, be it a preview for the movie, an cross-promotion with some food company, or the newest Death Star toy from Lego. Everything was Star Wars. It's no wonder that the franchise's mastermind George Lucas is five times a billionaire.

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15 Shocking Celebrity Net Worths - The Rich Edition