15 Shocking Bachelor & Bachelorette Net Worths

One of the most appealing things about watching shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is that the audience gets to watch "normal" people looking for love. Yes, it is in a totally contrived situation with this average person dating twenty something prospective partners at once, but they all go onto the show with everyday jobs. While the show is on the air and even after it ends, these people have really capitalized on their fifteen minutes of fame and a lot of them have really cashed in. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of them who have returned to their regular jobs, but a majority of them have made a career off of being themselves and endorsing products with their reality star fame.

A lot of these people have "written" best-selling books about their experiences on the show. Others get paid to make appearances at bars and clubs. Then there are some Bachelor alums who get paid to endorse diet teas and teeth whitening products in their Instagram posts. If they are smart, there is a lot of money to be made after the quest for love ends. Plus, there are actually a bunch of former cast members who have been rich all along and already have a heavy net worth.

It's so hard for me to tell what some of these people actually do for a living, but whatever that is, it is clearly working because they are making more money in one Instagram post than some people make all year.

So what are these Bachelor and Bachelorette stars really worth?


15 Ali Fedotowsky - Estimated $600,000

14 Andi Dorfman - Estimated $300,000

Andi Dorfman is one smart cookie, as evidenced by her stint on The Bachelor when she ditched Juan Pablo Galavis for being a total asshole. Clearly, this girl has a mind of her own so it's not shocking that she was able to capitalize on her reality TV fame in a profitable way to net an estimated $300,000. After her time as a contestant on The Bachelor, she was the star on her own season of The Bachelorette. Just like some of the other Bachelor franchise alums, Andi is making money off of Instagram and Twitter endorsements. But she is also making a name for herself as an author. Andi just released her first book It's Not Okay. ... Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After and I'm sure that everyone in the Bachelor Nation will be snatching that up and she is sure to profit from that success.

13 Andrew Firestone - Estimated $50 Million

12 Ben Higgins - Estimated $600,000

11 Brad Womack - Estimated $500,000 

10 Bob Guiney - Estimated $1.5 Million

9 Chris Soules - Estimated $1.5 Million

8 Desiree Hartsock - Estimated $200,000


7 Emily Maynard - Estimated $5 Million

6 Jake Pavelka - Estimated $500,000

5 Jason Mesnick - Estimated $1 Million


4 Jillian Harris - Estimated $2 Million

3 Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth - Estimated $3 Million


2 Sean Lowe - Estimated $500,000

1 Trista Sutter - Estimated $2 Million

It is not at all surprising that Trista Sutter has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She is the golden girl of The Bachelor franchise. She was the runner-up on the first season of The Bachelor and was chosen as the first lead of The Bachelorette. Everyone likes Trista and that's why she gets paid to televise her wedding on TV, write books, guest host on talk shows, give speeches, and endorse products on Instagram. She has also appeared on other reality TV shows including Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars and Dancing With the Stars. Plus she is so likable that it looks like Trista will be able to ride out this Bachelor-induced wave for the rest of her life and make even more money.


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15 Shocking Bachelor & Bachelorette Net Worths