14 Actors That Are Shockingly Worth Over $100 Million

It might not surprise you that Angelina Jolie is worth well over $100 million; she is one of the most famous women in the world and has been for the better part of a decade. But just as the actors you would expect to be high earners are not, there are a number of actors that you would never guess are in the same league as Angelina Jolie.

Many of the biggest surprises on this list are people who have learned to diversify. While they have familiar faces and have maybe starred in your favorite TV show or movie, they are also earning money from ventures away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. Honestly, this list is a great learning experience - investing your money in the right places and entrusting it to the right people can do wonders for increasing your net worth. That being said, there are also entries on this list that are not here because of sound business sense but because we’re genuinely shocked that they have managed to hold onto so much money in spite of legal, health or career problems. While actors like Lindsay Lohan are not even worth $1 million anymore, these stars who have often done way worse than Lohan, are holding onto hundreds of millions of dollars.

Honestly, we think we would rather be on this low-key list than the most wealthy actors ever. It seems a little better that people underestimate how much you’re worth, fewer people asking for loans.


14 Nicole Kidman

Though she has been deemed box office poison, as she has a very bad rate of return on her films, Nicole Kidman has earned enough bank to make this list. While in her recent years she’s preferred smaller budgets and smaller roles, Nicole Kidman is worth a modest $130 million. As for her upcoming projects, we’re especially excited to see her turn in the remake of The Beguiled - which originally starred Clint Eastwood. This redheaded beauty was once married to Tom Cruise and honestly, we can’t help wondering if she’s getting some of that sweet Scientology money to keep quiet.

13 Ice Cube


If you watched Straight Outta Compton last year, you should be doubly impressed that Ice Cube made this list. While one of the most successful rappers of the 90's, a lot of money was stolen from him, and on top of that - with the rampant violence in Compton during the era, it’s pretty much a miracle he survived the decade. That being said, Ice Cube has always demonstrated a pretty keen sense of business. He has diversified his talents and assets and built a very successful film career. While if you told us in 1995 that Ice Cube would be a beloved actor, even in family films, we wouldn’t believe you - Ice has been laughing all the way to bank and is now worth $140 million. And speaking of Compton, Dr. Dre is worth an incredible $700 million, after selling Beats Electronics to Apple.

12 Gerard Depardieu

Worth at least $120 million dollars, this french actor really loves his movies. After relocating from Paris to Russia in order to avoid taxes, Gerard Depardieu reportedly drinks his life away, apparently drinking 14 bottles of wine a day. Depardieu who most recently starred in Welcome to New York has seen better days physically but has long been living the high life. As one of the few actors not working in Hollywood or Bollywood to command such astronomical earnings, he is living life to the fullest. Reportedly difficult to work with, he is still considered in some circles among the greatest actors alive.

11 John Slattery


Sure, John Slattery has appeared on Mad Men, in a number of Marvel movies and Spotlight - but he is very rarely a leading man, so we were very surprised to learn he has a reported net worth of $145 million. Heck, Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) is only worth $30 million! Apparently John is not just a great actor but a keen businessman. He has invested and diversified his earnings incredibly well, with stock investments, property holdings, and endorsements. Not only that, he owns several successful restaurants and has launched his own line of vodka! Being successful is not just about getting a big paycheck, it’s about using it wisely, and John Slattery is a great example of that.

10 Charlie Sheen

Being the star of a hit sitcom for over a decade is a pretty surefire way to earn yourself a hundred million dollars, but when you’re Charlie Sheen, actually keeping that money is another thing entirely. In spite of his legal problems, his drug problems, his marriage problems and now his health problems, Charlie Sheen is still worth around $125 million dollars. Considering how some actors careers have been wrecked for much less (Sorry Lindsay Lohan), Sheen is still keeping it real. We have to believe he has some very smart people surrounding him, the best lawyers, accountants and fixers.

9 Demi Moore


Demi Moore hardly acts anymore, even going back to her small career revival in the mid-2000s, she was already nearly retired. The ex-wife of both Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis, it is very possible that a large chunk of Demi Moore’s earnings is from divorce proceedings. She also owns a lot of valuable real estate, including a New York penthouse previously valued at $75 million. While she is likely not too happy about the fact that Kutcher, who was already much younger than her, is now married and making babies with Mila Kunis, Moore can at least take comfort in her money.

8 Jessica Alba

No one has ever really thought of Jessica Alba as a great actress (though we do love her in Sin City). While she is occasionally serviceable, her career was ultimately built around his extraordinary pretty face. Alba, though, is a smart cookie, and perhaps realizing her cinematic career was hinged on looks diversified in the off chance time worked against her. Now worth $197 million dollars, Alba earned a huge chunk of that change through her business, The Honest Company, which offers nontoxic bath, beauty and baby products. In 2015, the company was valued at a very reasonable $1.7 billion.


7 Scott Speedman


Teenage girls from the 90s were in love with Scott Speedman when he appeared on Felicity. Since then, this Canadian actor has also starred in the Underworld films. He regularly acts in Canadian films, though we can’t imagine he has made most of his money that way. Very handsome, we think that Speedman was able to earn so much by staying consistently busy over the years. He makes several films a year, including a number of high budget films. While he rarely nabs the starring role, if you’re smart with your money and consistent in your work, you can easily accumulate a pretty penny. Speedman is apparently worth $245 million.

6 Tyler Perry

Like the little engine that could, Tyler Perry found a huge gap in the cinematic market and taken full advantage of it. As a producer, director and actor, Perry releases very cheaply made films (in particular, the Medea franchise) that rack in ten, twenty and thirty times the production costs. The quality of the films are negligible, but that doesn’t stop people from tuning in. From there he also acts in other movies, including Gone Girl, and has worked to produce some pretty successful television. All of Perry’s work has made it that he’s worth no less than $400 million.

5 Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby has been hitting some very hard times lately, as it seems every week another woman comes forward to accuse him of some sexual impropriety. His show has been pulled from syndication as audiences feel uncomfortable with his presence and he has more or less become a social pariah. Now 78, Cosby hasn’t done much performing in past decade, but that hasn’t stopped him from comfortably sitting on nearly $390 million. While many speculate due to failing health, he might not live to see the end of his legal battles, there is still a chance his estate might be culpable to pay out some punitive damages.

4 Mel Gibson

We’re not shocked that Mel Gibson has earned a lot of money over the years, we’re surprised he’s kept it. Infamously volatile, long before Mel Gibson raised controversy for his anti-semitic tirade and allegations of domestic abuse in past decade, Gibson had an infamously bad temper. While once considered not only one of the biggest talents in the world but one of the most handsome leading men, Mel Gibson has been a lot less lucky in the past decade. Not only has he struggled to find work, but he’s paid a heavy price in legal fees and post-divorce problems. In spite of all that, Gibson is still worth a very comfortable $425 million dollars.

3 Jerry Seinfeld


Want to make money? All you need to do is star and produce the most critically acclaimed and highest rated sitcom of all time. Got it? Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t do much acting these days, preferring to do his hobby show Riding in Cars with comedians and some stand-up. Due largely to the incredible success of Seinfeld, Jerry is set for life. In fact, his children are set for life, his children’s children are set for life… reportedly worth at least $800 million dollars, it’s not even that inconceivable that Seinfeld will become a billionaire before the decade is over.

2 Jami Gertz

Jami who? You might not be familiar with Jami Gertz’ name, but you have seen her movies and seen her on TV. While she most recently starred on the canceled sitcom The Neighbours, Gertz is famous for appearing in Twister, The Lost Boys and Still Standing. While she has consistently found work for the past three decades, Jami Gertz’s net worth is due largely to the fact her husband is a billionaire. She’s been married to Antony Ressler since 1989, and as a very savvy businessman, he is reportedly worth at least $1.32 billion. Gertz didn’t marry Antony for his money, though, as he only made the bulk of his fortune after they had already been married for ten years.

1 Julia Louis-Dreyfus


While in 2014, Jerry Seinfeld was named the richest actor in the world, he really hasn’t done much acting post-Seinfeld (except Bee Movie, never forget Bee Movie). By far the most successful of the former Seinfeld cast is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has had no less than two hit shows since she left, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Veep. But, that does not even begin to cover Julia Louis-Dreyfus astronomical net worth. Estimated to be worth no less than 3 billion dollars, this is largely due to the fact that she is posed to inherit a large part of her father’s money when he dies. Her father is the namesake and chairperson of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services. Even not accounting for her father’s money though, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is comfortably worth $200 million dollars from her own hard work.

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