13 Popular Actors With Terrible Net Worths

It's surprising to think that the majority of these actors and actresses are very popular when it comes to their reputation and how much buzz they create for themselves. Yet when looking at their net worths, their popularity doesn't seem to translate for what they are reportedly holding in their bank accounts. With some of these actors only making up to $50,000 for a movie that has surpassed well over $500 million at the box office, one really has to wonder whether being an actor is actually worth the work.

Unless your name is Brad Pitt or of similar sort, if anything, this just goes to show that you can have several movies coming out this year, but when your net worth is calculated it's nowhere near what others would've thought you got. And do note that popularity and social media activity is also taken into account. Some of the people mentioned below have millions of followers on social media, are starring in several films and still can't seem to grow their $1 million net worth.

13 Nicolas Cage — $18 Million

Nicolas Cage has appeared in dozens of movies throughout his Hollywood career. The National Treasure franchise, which Cage starred in, is close to surpassing a billion dollars at the box office, making it one of the most successful movies of the 21st century. On top of that, Nicolas continues getting pretty good offers from casting agencies, but his low net worth of only $18 million is said to have been down to bizarre spending habits. Had it not been for his expensive taste, Nicolas could’ve easily pushed through the $100 million mark.

12 Ashley Tisdale — $5 Million


For some reason everyone would’ve though that Ashley Tisdale’s net worth would be much higher, considering all of the work she has done in the last decade. Having starred in several television shows before having joined the cast of High School Musical, Ashley went on to launch a singing career which lasted for a couple of years before nothing was heard of her again. She did return with several appearance in movies, but even those couldn’t help push her net worth any higher than $5 million.

11 Ian Somerhalder - $4 Million


You would think that someone with a dedicated fan base like Ian Somerhalder would have a little more money in his bank account, but according to reports, that is from the case. Ian, whose main income is made through his participation on The Vampire Diaries, has had his fair share of movie stardom. He signed on for a couple of movies — which bombed — which should’ve made him a couple of more millions, right? Wrong! The films were low-budget and so was the money that Ian made from those films. With reports claiming that TVD is close to facing the cancellation, one has to wonder how Somerhalder will continue living a millionaire lifestyle, considering the fact that he’s only made $4 million in seven years.

10 Jamie Dornan — $3 Million


He’s starred in several movies but his big break didn’t come around until Jamie Dornan signed on to take part in the ever-so-popular 50 Shades of Grey. The film, which grossed hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, made Jamie a household name, that’s for sure. But in terms of his net worth, his stardom isn’t equating to the same numbers, reportedly only holding $3 million to his name. It’s still a decent amount for Jamie, but it could’ve been relatively higher. The second installment of the franchise will allegedly see Jamie sign a seven-figure deal, which will improve his net worth numbers quite a bit.

9 Tahj Mowry — $1.5 Million


Who can forget child star, Tahjr Mowry? It must be hard being the younger brother to two successful sisters; one is a talk-show host and the other is a reality star. Tia and Tamera reportedly have net worth of $12 million, which is far from what Tahjr has made throughout his career, but considering the fact that he is still young, there’s plenty of money to be made from this point on. Of course, that all depends on whether he’s still committed to the film industry.

8 Mike Tyson — $1 Million


Can you believe that Mike Tyson was once worth close to $500 million? At the peak of his career as one of the best boxers of all time, Tyson was landing himself endorsement deals that athletes could’ve only wished for at the time. But bad decisions, arrests, alleged physical incidents with his girlfriends and a severe habit of spending money eventually saw Tyson lose it all. Today, he’s worth a shocking $1 million — that money is most likely coming through his appearance in movies including The Hangover and The Expendables.

7 Wesley Snipes — $1 Million


Wesley Snipes is still a pretty big draw when it comes to the box office, having recently starred in Spike Lee’s Chiraq and 2014’s The Expendables 3. Both movies were extremely successful in their own right, giving Wesley a good reason why casting directors should continue hiring him for film roles. But despite the success he may have had with some of his recent work, according to reports, Snipes is still failing to make bank when it comes to his own net worth, which is alleged to be less than $1 million. It makes you wonder how much he must make per film.

6 Bow Wow — $600,000


Considering that Bow Wow has been working since he was nine, it is quite shocking to know that the rapper-turned-actor only has $600,000 to his name. There was a time where Bow Wow was pulling in millions of dollars every year, thanks to endorsement deals, album sales, and movie appearances. With that being said, the 29-year-old can currently be seen on CSI, having also been announced as a regular host for the pre-Grammys award show bash. In terms of relevancy, he’s definitely keeping his name on people’s lips, but in terms of revenue, it isn’t looking to good for him.

5 Drake Bell — $600,000


His claim to fame came with Nickelodeon’s hit-show Drake & Josh, but since then, Drake Bell has struggled to recuperate that same stardom, having had endless problems as far as his taxes are concerned. Drake’s relevancy these days seems to simply stem from his feud with pop star, Justin Bieber, but in terms of how he is making his money these days, nobody really knows.

4 Stephen Baldwin — $500,000


Stephen Baldwin has never really stayed out of the limelight, but that’s more or less because of his wealthy brother, Alec, who continues to bring in millions every single year. And while Alec may be the most successful Baldwin, Stephen seems to be trying to keep up with his sibling, signing on for several films in the hopes of increasing his $500,000 net worth. Comparing that to Alec’s $65 million is almost like pocket-money for the actor, but at least he’s not relying on his brother for money.

3 Lindsay Lohan — $500,000

Isn’t it crazy to think that Lindsay Lohan was pocketing up to $8 million per movie in 2006? Following a string of successful movies, including Mean Girls, Lindsay’s career couldn’t have gone any better — the salary continued to increase and so did her popularity. Unfortunately for the troubled actress, several run-ins with the law and endless bad decisions saw Lohan’s fall from grace. And while she’s still relevant in the media, Lindsay is lucky to make $250,000 for a featured film. She’s accepted the fact that her movie career is pretty much over.

2 Gary Busey — $500,000


Just by looking at Gary Busey’s IMDb page, rest assured that the ageing actor doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon. With seven projects in the lineup, Gary is gearing up for one busy year — but one has to wonder whether all of these movies he has signed on to will finally help increase his net worth which currently stands at $500,000. Considering Gary has had a career in the industry well over two decades and still continues to get bookings for so many movies, why doesn’t it translate when looking at his net worth? Odd and shocking, right?

1 Chris Tucker — $-11.5 Million


Chris Tucker’s net worth is pretty sickening and funny, depending on how you look at it. The actor, who was said to have made up to $5 million per movie at one point in his career, pretty much lost it all when he stopped paying his taxes. Well, Uncle Sam eventually caught up with Chris, who owed millions and millions in unpaid taxes, which dropped his net worth to $-11.5 million. Tucker is still acting in movies and has been hosting several events as of late, including the BET Awards, but not even that is going to help pay off all of his debt. Yikes.


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13 Popular Actors With Terrible Net Worths